If you're having trouble keeping the kids entertained while social distancing at home, we've got 8 fun suggestions.

Forts are a fun way to let your kids be creative. Kids and kids at heart can find new ways to get creative when they help create a fort. All you need are some blankets, sheets, and comfy pillows. If you want to be more creative, check out these instructions on how to build a variety of different forts.

Get creative and make photo captions. Let your kids pick out old photos and create fun captions for them. Children can practice printing and storytelling with silly, informative, or descriptive captions.

Have your kids write letters to family and loved ones they cannot visit. Make post cards from cereal boxes or have your child write a letter on paper. Send your letter through email, social media, or regular post.

Board games and puzzles are classic ways to pass the time. If your kids are tired of the games and puzzles you own, have them create some new ones. Make your own puzzles from any cardboard box (cereal boxes work well) or thick paper. Fun family games can be made from simple household items. 

Make an obstacle course in your apartment to keep kids entertained and fit while at home. Just mark the starting line and have kids create fun activities and motions to do throughout the course. Use your imagination, or check out these fun obstacle course ideas

When the kids need quiet time, crafts are the perfect downtime activity. Have your kids make their own bookmarks or create a toilet paper roll city. For more ideas, check out these cereal box crafts or other fun craft ideas

Create a scavenger hunt in your apartment to keep kids thinking. Little ones can hunt for numbers or letters and then put them in numerical or alphabetical order. Older kids could hunt for 5 things that start with the letter B or one thing in the apartment for each letter of the alphabet. Check out this website for other indoor scavenger hunt ideas.

Baking is a fun activity that has a sweet reward. Kids can help pick the recipe, measure ingredients, and decorate. Bake anything from chocolate chip cookies to cupcakes, and then enjoy the delicious results. Check out these easy recipes, perfect for baking with kids.