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My job brought me to Toronto from Thunder Bay, via Sudbury in 1979 and I was fortunate in finding an apartment at the Maples which was within walking distance to Queen's Park where my office was located. My apartment is on the top floor facing south and I have a beautiful view of Lake Ontario and the city.

The Maples was a new building with a lovely pool area and saunas. This area has since been beautifully renovated to include a gym area and an outside patio which is used extensively in the summer as there are tables, lounges and umbrellas set up for the enjoyment of the tenants.

The building is very clean and well maintained and all the staff are very friendly, courteous and professional. The maintenance staff respond quickly to any problems.

The subway, streetcar and bus are all within a five minute walk from the building.

There are many shops in the neighbourhood, especially on Church Street, a block away and a grocery store (Metro) located in College Park, also a block away. There are a variety of restaurants in the area and all within walking distance.

I am now retired and have made the Maples my home and would certainly recommend it to anyone wishing to live in a central location.

Raili C.

The support and dedication of Pat and Bob, the supers at 22 Greenwood Drive, exceeds my expectation. We, the tenants, are very fortunate to have such an extraordinary team. I am proud to have visitors at my apartment as our building is always so clean, tidy and well maintained. 

Thank you for their continued support!


Each member of the Park Property Management Staff at 25 Wood works tirelessly ensuring that we live in a clean, pleasant, and professionally managed environment. Your building is the cleanest I have ever lived in Canada. Always clean hallways and elevators as well as the property management office is always open on time and all the women working in it are absolutely amazing. All in all, I want to tell you that whoever hired your team in the building I live in did an amazing job! I am saying that from an HR Professional's standpoint.

Ally J.

I would like to thank you all for the beautiful renovation that was done in my apartment at 600 Lolita Gardens. The following work was done:

1. The tile work of the floor from the hall way to the kitchen is beautiful.
2. The new bath and tiling in the bathroom is also beautiful.
3. Other minor repairs of base boards and unplugging of the face basin in the bathroom.

I am truly enjoying the new appearance. Your thoughtfulness and timely response to my request of the repairs is really appreciated.

Most of all, I must say this is my reason for choosing a Park Property Management building to be my home the second time around.

I have found my tenancy in both buildings to be comfortable and the staffs are really caring and respectful to the tenants and their needs.

Once again, thank you all and have a grand day.

Jennifer B.

I have lived at 20 Aurora Court for over 7 years now and I have found it to be a great place to live. My unit is very quiet and nicely laid-out. The management team have always been very quick to address any service or work order requests and the building and grounds are well taken care of. The supers are a really nice  couple and easy to deal with. When compared to other apartments that I have observed and that my friends live in, I consider myself very lucky to be here. All and all I would recommend Park Property to anyone looking for a  high standard of apartment living.

Keep up the good work!

Mike K.

My name is Anuradha C. and I along with my husband & daughter would be moving into 20 Carlton street. We are writing to share our feedback about Jovan Jovicic who is a leasing agent at The Maples - 20 Carlton street.

We were looking for an apartment to move in downtown Toronto and had contacted several property managers and leasing agents. While most leasing agents had no customer service skills, were rude &  didn't have the patience to answer our queries, that wasn't true for Jovan. Not only did he patiently answered all our questions but also exhibited superior customer service skills. He guided us at every step of the process and was also there to make sure we were at ease. He also kept checking on us through emails whether we needed any information or assistance from his side to move in.

We are really happy and blessed to have come across someone like Jovan Jovicic who understands how it feels to be a tenant and wish we have people like him working for every property management in Canada. He is an asset to any firm that he would work for and we wish him all the best.


Anuradha C.

Park property has gone above and beyond making the transition into the building smooth and easy. The premium apartment is everything you would want for a great price. The kitchen is beautiful, from the island for added space, stainless steel appliances to the pot lights. The brand new flooring is nicely done and adds a nice touch to the suite. The washer and dryer adds convenience  into your home making life easy! All and all the new premium apartments make coming home everyday that much more enjoyable!

I lived in a condo in the neighborhood before moving to 3050 Pharmacy and then to 50 Carabob Court. It's a very friendly, multi-cultural community, which I like very much. Getting around without a car is easy - I take one bus directly to my office and I can walk to the Agincourt Mall to get all my personal shopping done. The mall has a Wal-mart, a No-Frills and about 60 other stores.

My dog Reilly loves all the green space that surrounds the buildings and is especially fond of the park across from the library.

My daughter and her family moved into the building recently so spending time with my grandchildren is more easy than ever!

I am impressed with how well the building is maintained and how the company continues to refurbish and upgrade so that the property stays looking great.

Christina L.

We find living at 120 Widdicombe everything we've expected it to be. Not only is the staff extremely helpful and friendly, but the new upgrades are fabulous! We love our new place. The open concept kitchen and living room is ideal when you have small kids. Also, the ability to do our laundry in-suite is a bonus! 

Can't ask for a better community to live in.  

The C. family. 

Testimonial Attachment

My husband and I have lived here for 24 years at Lolita Gardens Mississauga. To us this is home, not just an apartment building, we love it here. The management staff and office staff are fantastic taking care of any work orders immediately. They keep the grounds and building very clean, planting beautiful flowers all around the front of the buildings every summer. Just when l thought we had everything one needs a swimming pool and sauna - they went and built a gym. Our gym has everything one needs for an excellent workout. I am seventy years old and work out, l love it. Thank you Park Property. Anyone looking for an excellent place to live l highly recommend Park Property Management Inc.

H Dawe

I have had the good pleasure of living at "The Folkestone" for the past 12 years. I have been extremely happy with the service by the Superintendents as no task is too big or too much trouble. The building is well cared for, from the clean floors to the well-manicured lawns and surroundings. All I have to do is sit back and enjoy my home at 55 Livingston Road! 

M Starr

When I immigrated to Canada many years ago, one of my first apartments was at 100 Sprucewood Court. I lived there for 18 years. I moved to Bridletowne Circle because it was also managed by Park Property. The location was ideal for me because I can walk to the Bridlewood Mall for grocery shopping, to my medical appointments and whatever else I need. The local library is also just a short walk, which is a wonderful convenience since I enjoy reading so much. I often go across the street to the Bridlewood Park to feed the squirrels. There is a little stream and the other day I noticed fish in it!

In 2010 I moved into a seniors' building not far from here. I was so unhappy there that I rented another apartment at Bridletowne Circle before my lease was up! I missed the sense of community that I had at Bridletowne. The staff are so empathetic and I have a great rapport with the Property Manager. They are great with people and make this place feel like home.

Muriel C.

I just wanted to leave a review about one of your Superintendents. I lived at 55 Caroline Street North in Waterloo from September 2019-2020 and my superintendent was Mack. He is one of the most incredibly kind, helpful and generous people I have ever met in addition to making sure the building was in excellent condition! He was always available to help no matter how big or small the issue was, and when seeing him always had a smile on his face. Recently, I had an issue where I had a package that was shipped accidentally to my old unit and even now, having been moved out of the building for a couple of months, he is still quick to reply and is more than happy to help. People like Mack are hard to find and especially someone who will go above and beyond to help people out. I could not thank him enough! 

Madeleine F.

55 Caroline St N

Linda Y.

14 Spruce Street, Cambridge


Testimonial Attachment

Linda Y.

We have the best Superintendent ever: Mack Bhatt. We have been at 45 Caroline St. N., Waterloo.for many years. Mack's work service to us is NUMBER 1. 

Robert M. and Anna R.

45 Caroline St N

Having 70 Buildings and 7000+ dwellings and helping Toronto renters is great. I was wondering about your success. But when I met one of your rental agent ( name - Oksana), I decided that your success has the core strength from Staff. The way you have trained your staff is excellent and her service to us [just when I accompanied a friend to see a vacant apartment for my friend] is remarkable. She motivated me to recommend your property to some of the new employees who came to Toronto recently. Though, the machine is replacing many works today, the customer relationship is mainly on the man power and you have good skills to tap it by training and employing fit people.

I appreciate.


We visited several apartments when we arrived in Toronto from France. The Maples was, by far, the cleanest and most conveniently located. We rely on the subway. Despite being in the heart of the City, it is remarkably quiet in the building. The staff are very friendly and helpful and the apartment was in perfect condition when we moved in. The move went smoothly, again, because of the staff. We are very happy at the Maples.

Christophe & Dalphina G.

Patricia M.

18 Spruce Street, Cambridge

Testimonial Attachment

Patricia M.

18 Spruce Street

I would like to thank Don and Phyllis Wilson for the amazing job they do at 14 & 18 Spruce st. I am a tenant in apt *** and have the privilege of watching the both of them consistently go above and beyond for myself and fellow tenants in the building. However, the fire Drill with the Fire fighters of Cambridge was simply outstanding. Especially in light of the tragic fire in London England, this was another reason I feel safe to have my family in such a fantastic building.

Please let them know the wonderful job they are doing.

Sincerely Julie P.

Julie P.

14 Spruce Street