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Each member of the Park Property Management Staff at 25 Wood works tirelessly ensuring that we live in a clean, pleasant, and professionally managed environment. Your building is the cleanest I have ever lived in Canada. Always clean hallways and elevators as well as the property management office is always open on time and all the women working in it are absolutely amazing. All in all, I want to tell you that whoever hired your team in the building I live in did an amazing job! I am saying that from an HR Professional's standpoint.

Ally J.

When I immigrated to Canada many years ago, one of my first apartments was at 100 Sprucewood Court. I lived there for 18 years. I moved to Bridletowne Circle because it was also managed by Park Property. The location was ideal for me because I can walk to the Bridlewood Mall for grocery shopping, to my medical appointments and whatever else I need. The local library is also just a short walk, which is a wonderful convenience since I enjoy reading so much. I often go across the street to the Bridlewood Park to feed the squirrels. There is a little stream and the other day I noticed fish in it!

In 2010 I moved into a seniors' building not far from here. I was so unhappy there that I rented another apartment at Bridletowne Circle before my lease was up! I missed the sense of community that I had at Bridletowne. The staff are so empathetic and I have a great rapport with the Property Manager. They are great with people and make this place feel like home.

Muriel C.

I have been a tenant here at 1230 White Oaks Blvd for almost a decade (and previously at 350 Lynnwood Drive). I would personally like to commend Mike Boudreault and Nesh Cvetkov for their continuous support and exceptional services. Anytime, we have had any issues over the years, they have personally gone above and beyond with which I would consider normal everyday duties.

Over the years, we have seen Superintendents come and go. However, I am genuinely stating that without Mike and Nesh, I think this property would not be able to function normally on a day to day basis. These two gentlemen are exceeding what you would expect of a Superintendent. They are extremely courteous, kind and friendly. They watch out for the elderly and have even taken time from their personal lives to help anyone in need. This I have personally witnessed.

I am very thankful to have both Mike and Nesh looking out for our building community. I hope that this letter serves them well and shows the management company that they have struck gold with these two fine individuals. Thank-you Park Properties for these excellent and most exceptional people. I hope that they continue to obtain the success and support that they deserve from their management.

Patricia M.

18 Spruce Street, Cambridge

Testimonial Attachment

Patricia M.

18 Spruce Street

Dear Park Property Management,

In this day and age it seems that a lot of time and effort is spent by many to complain. While I feel there is merit in selective constructive commentary, I feel that positive information can be just as if not more valuable - tell us what we are doing well so we can build on that and also feel more receptive to suggestions on how to improve.

I have lived at property 485 Parkside Drive in Waterloo for almost 20 years when the building's caretaker and maintenance person was Gary Strauss. Many of the residents here at 485 Parkside Drive have lived here for as long as I have, or longer. This building is like a tightly knit community where the longstanding residents all have each other's back. We all care greatly about our home here and we do our best to maintain a high standard quality of living. The cleanliness and upkeep of this building is important to everyone. I know this because I talk to all of the longstanding residents every week, out in the parking lot or entrance as we are coming and going.

Everyone in the building greatly appreciated the fact that Gary Strauss was militant about the upkeep and operation of 485 Parkside Drive. When Gary retired from his position, the loss of his presence was felt greatly around here. Those were big shoes to fill and the ensuing situations with other caretakers of the building afterwards made many of us fear that our home was going to turn into a place that was no longer special, no longer a place that we could feel proud to live and share a sense of community with which we take care of our home. We came to learn from experiences in the years after Gary that this building is only as good as the collective attitude of the residents who occupy it.

I would like to share some compliments about my experience with John, our current caretaker and also Brian, our previous superintendent. John and Brian have gone the extra mile to help myself, my wife and the other residents of 485 Parkside Drive in Waterloo. Perhaps both of them grew up in a smaller community and this has something to do with their approach. They get it. They understand what is special about this place. I cannot tell you the number of times that I have seen John and Brian doing their best to be a part of our community here and help us keep this place special.
It comes down to one word - caring.  I can tell that John and Brian truly care and the work they do at this building and at other buildings has not gone unnoticed.

I work as a Bell Canada technician. Every day I visit 5 to 10 homes and every month I visit customers who live in Park Property Management run buildings throughout this city. When I visit those buildings, I will talk to customers about how they like their home. I will talk to other residents in the elevator on my trips up and down. I have even had conversations with the cleaning staff at your other properties. They all have glowing and positive things to say about Brian.

John is over here at 485 super early in the mornings before 8AM routinely checking on the building to make sure the entrance and hallways are clean and that a comfortable temperature is maintained because we have a history here of the temperature fluctuating a great deal due to the older style baseboard heating. John has gone out of his way to get to know us and all of the residents here. His level of professionalism and the personal touch that he puts on everything he does is refreshing and quite remarkable. In a world of outsourced workforces and waiting on hold with a call center run by people who just don't care, John has truly been a Godsend. It is rare to find someone who is as responsive and responsible. I have spoken with other residents here who share my sentiment. John reminds us of a time that was simpler when people worked hard and cared a great deal about their neighbors. I see John around the neighborhood a lot and feel that our neighborhood is a safer and better place to live because he's  here. He is like the eyes and ears of the entire neighborhood stretching even beyond Parkside Drive. I would even say that in the time John has been here, he has made himself an asset to the community.

John and Brian both have been so kind and have taken the time to help when it's needed. They keep us informed of any changes with lots of advanced notice. They have reassured us that 485 Parkside is home.

I just wanted to let you know that John and Brian are so personable, kind, Knowledgeable and thorough. They are true professionals. What a pleasure!

Thank You,
Bob Guido

Bob Guido, 485 Parkside Drive, Waterloo

The support and dedication of Pat and Bob, the supers at 22 Greenwood Drive, exceeds my expectation. We, the tenants, are very fortunate to have such an extraordinary team. I am proud to have visitors at my apartment as our building is always so clean, tidy and well maintained. 

Thank you for their continued support!


My job brought me to Toronto from Thunder Bay, via Sudbury in 1979 and I was fortunate in finding an apartment at the Maples which was within walking distance to Queen's Park where my office was located. My apartment is on the top floor facing south and I have a beautiful view of Lake Ontario and the city.

The Maples was a new building with a lovely pool area and saunas. This area has since been beautifully renovated to include a gym area and an outside patio which is used extensively in the summer as there are tables, lounges and umbrellas set up for the enjoyment of the tenants.

The building is very clean and well maintained and all the staff are very friendly, courteous and professional. The maintenance staff respond quickly to any problems.

The subway, streetcar and bus are all within a five minute walk from the building.

There are many shops in the neighbourhood, especially on Church Street, a block away and a grocery store (Metro) located in College Park, also a block away. There are a variety of restaurants in the area and all within walking distance.

I am now retired and have made the Maples my home and would certainly recommend it to anyone wishing to live in a central location.

Raili C.

Norman R. 

56 Thorncliffe Park Drive

Testimonial Attachment

I just wanted to leave a review about one of your Superintendents. I lived at 55 Caroline Street North in Waterloo from September 2019-2020. The superintendent is one of the most incredibly kind, helpful and generous people I have ever met in addition to making sure the building was in excellent condition! He was always available to help no matter how big or small the issue was, and when seeing him always had a smile on his face. Recently, I had an issue where I had a package that was shipped accidentally to my old unit and even now, having been moved out of the building for a couple of months, he is still quick to reply and is more than happy to help. People like him are hard to find and especially someone who will go above and beyond to help people out. I could not thank him enough! 

Madeleine F.

55 Caroline St N

We are writing this letter just to thank the employees of 5 Lamers Court for the pride and attention to cleanliness they take in our building. It is an older building but very well cared for in all respects both inside and out. Dealing with both Jackie and Randy, are the nicest people you could ever have in their positions. From the time we moved in Jackie has been very helpful to ensure a comfortable place to live.

We have had many out of town visitors and all comment on what a clean building, just last week I had a parcelled delivered that wasn't and ask Randy about the UPS depot and he told me exactly were it was located, and the parcel was there. When people go out of there way and are so kind I really feel this should be brought to your attention. 

Bonnie & Jake P.

5 Lamers Court

We find living at 120 Widdicombe everything we've expected it to be. Not only is the staff extremely helpful and friendly, but the new upgrades are fabulous! We love our new place. The open concept kitchen and living room is ideal when you have small kids. Also, the ability to do our laundry in-suite is a bonus! 

Can't ask for a better community to live in.  

The C. family. 

Testimonial Attachment

I wanted to send a message of praise to Ariel and Rita, the Superintendents of 120 Widdicombe Hill Blvd. 

My husband and I have been in unit ### for almost 13 years. During our time here, we have seen a couple of different individuals/couples in this role and Ariel and Rita have been amazing. Communication and engagement have always been quick and clear. When I address concerns or issues with either of them, I am always left feeling confident that they have actually listened to my concerns. They are part of the community and seem to want to do things that make the tenants feel included in that community i.e. Halloween candy handout and the Christmas gathering in the lobby . In my conversations with them, they seem to get to know the tenants as people, not just as tenants, which is clear in their communication. I couldn't write this without mentioning their AMAZING decorating abilities. Halloween and Christmas are brilliant in the 120 lobby. Any visitors we have come to our place always compliment. 

I wanted to make sure they were recognized in some small way. 

We visited several apartments when we arrived in Toronto from France. The Maples was, by far, the cleanest and most conveniently located. We rely on the subway. Despite being in the heart of the City, it is remarkably quiet in the building. The staff are very friendly and helpful and the apartment was in perfect condition when we moved in. The move went smoothly, again, because of the staff. We are very happy at the Maples.

Christophe & Dalphina G.

Just a little note to say Thank You for taking the time to speak to me, it was greatly appreciated.  It is so wonderful to know that you, the property manager care about your tenants and I have faith in you since you are similar to Mr. Hora which I think the world of.

Our apartment may not be the newest, but there is no way that any other building has such great, caring, understanding and professional Management as our team at Park Property and that they are always open to suggestions and best of all they listen to their tenants.  Now, that is better than a new building.  I have always loved Park Property and it's all due to the Greatest Management that can't be beaten anywhere and I'm so glad you are included in this.

After 22 years residing in this building and I still remain the same about our Management at Park Property - the Greatest.  I love Park Property and for what they stand for - making a real home for tenants.


Christina R.

Christina R.

My name is R. of 121 Combermere Drive, I recently moved in to the building.

I am using this medium to say a very big thank you to the Property Manager, Leasing Agent and the entire team. My family and I are so thankful and happy living in the building.

Your services are excellent, the building is neat, clean and tidy.

Once again, thank you, God bless and best regards


I am a Park Property tenant. I live at 50 Aurora Court M1W 2M6. I have been a tenant in this building for twelve years. I remember when I first arrived in Toronto going to work for Park Property at your location on Isabella St. I enjoyed my time with the company at that time. I would like the company to recognize the Superintendent of 50 Aurora Court, his wife and assistant Super for the outstanding job they do in keeping this building clean.

As a former school teacher, I never saw the schools kept as clean as this building is. In addition they are very nice people and are Johnny-On-The-Spot if you need help. If there isn't an awards program for most valuable employees, I think there should be and these three that you have running this building are the best in the business.

Franklyn R

My Boyfriend and I saw an add on a bachelor unit rental at 550 Jarvis St. We visited the place in the 1st week of May. The leasing agent, Anirudh, showed us 3 units and we liked the one on 7th floor. The unit was very clean and newly renovated. We loved the balcony. The lighting in the room was quite good. Laundry is made easy with 24 hours availability and the property was very clean. Among all, it is very near to subway station. On top of everything, quick response from Anirudh for every single thing was quite impressive. Tenants expect this. What a polite person you have representing your company.  So, there was no reason to take time and think about it and we immediately said Yes. From then, Anirudh was very helpful providing information with all the paperwork and documents required. Then 3 days later Anirudh called us and informed that the company was adding a dishwasher and microwave in the new renovation. We were so happy after hearing that because the agent you have got for that property is making sure that each and every tenant is happy and satisfied living in the apartment. And we will be moving on July 1st. Can't wait to move in. If ever again, someone looking for a good rental property with responsible agent, we would definitely suggest this company.

Thanks and Regards

Sri R.  

Sri R.

550 Jarvis St

I am the first to complain if I find anything unsatisfactory so it’s only fair to offer a compliment when I find something worthy of praise. We had been looking for three months and were impressed with the low key reception, lack of any pressure or sales pitch and courtesy of our escort. In addition to the large rooms, high ceilings and general good condition, we knew it to be a desirable neighbourhood as we had owned a lovely home nearby for many years. We signed up within an hour.

Once in, we were treated with respect and friendliness by the on-site staff and were given every possible assistance for the move in.

Subsequently, we had occasion to deal with your Management office and found them gracious and efficient. We are old folks and requested some needs for our comfort and were rewarded with understanding  and generosity by your Manager.

I am able to compare our apartment and services with several nephews who rent apartments in Toronto and elsewhere and can conclude with certainty that we are fortunate to have chosen to live in facilities under your management.  

To sum up, we are “happy campers” .  Hats off to Park Property Management.

Thank you.

Bruce N.

We wanted to express our pleasure in dealing with AC throughout the rental process of our new home at 120 Widdicombe Hill Blvd.

His professionalism, patience and friendly manner were key factors in helping us decide to apply for this unit, including showing us a newly renovated unit identical to what we would be getting. It would have been very difficult to envision our unit since it was already gutted.

He was extremely accommodating with my work hours which was greatly appreciated.

We felt very comfortable with him from the very first step and on.

Thank you.

Lisa and Lillo 

Lisa & Lillo 

Linda Y.

14 Spruce Street, Cambridge

Testimonial Attachment

Linda Y.

I lived in a condo in the neighborhood before moving to 3050 Pharmacy and then to 50 Carabob Court. It's a very friendly, multi-cultural community, which I like very much. Getting around without a car is easy - I take one bus directly to my office and I can walk to the Agincourt Mall to get all my personal shopping done. The mall has a Wal-mart, a No-Frills and about 60 other stores.

My dog Reilly loves all the green space that surrounds the buildings and is especially fond of the park across from the library.

My daughter and her family moved into the building recently so spending time with my grandchildren is more easy than ever!

I am impressed with how well the building is maintained and how the company continues to refurbish and upgrade so that the property stays looking great.

Christina L.

I just wanted to write a review of my experience renting a unit at 221 Balliol St. This was an amazing experience for me! Everything went smooth. The leasing agent is a phenomenal leasing agent! She went above and beyond to make sure all my questions and needs were answered. She was very responsive and even outside office hours I was still able to contact her and noticed she was working late making sure all my emails and messages were fully answered.

This was by far one of my best renting experiences and I would definitely recommend renting from Park Property Management to all my friends!

Thank you.

Best regards,

Mohammad S.

AC has been my main contact for Lolita Gardens. He has been so kind to me. Professional at all times. He is always able to take my call and goes through each step for renting this property.

He has been so kind I let him know that I have medical  issues and he was extremely empathetic and considerate to me when I told him of my issues.

During the long process of paperwork he was always helpful and always made sure I knew what I was signing and what cheques needed to be handed in. He was with me step by step.

He always if asked let me see the unit again if I needed and even helped me take measurements. He told me how everything in the unit worked and even gave me his thoughts on where I should put my belongings in the unit. He did not have to do that but he is just so incredibly nice and said if I need ANYTHING just give him a call and he will always pick up the phone for me.

Thank you for your time.

Jill T.

We would like to express our gratitude to the property manager, Shelly for her quick response to our concerns regarding our apartment.  We have had several issues that have been resolved in a timely, reliable manner.  She is always very polite and respectful.  Shelly is very knowledgeable about regulations/laws pertaining to rental units.  She maintains a positive, productive relationship with tenants and has strong communication skills.

Shelly is an excellent Team Leader and Property Manager.  She is a valuable asset to your company.

Sandra and Scott B.

Sandra and Scott B.

Cherryhill Village

I would like to thank you all for the beautiful renovation that was done in my apartment at 600 Lolita Gardens. The following work was done:

1. The tile work of the floor from the hall way to the kitchen is beautiful.
2. The new bath and tiling in the bathroom is also beautiful.
3. Other minor repairs of base boards and unplugging of the face basin in the bathroom.

I am truly enjoying the new appearance. Your thoughtfulness and timely response to my request of the repairs is really appreciated.

Most of all, I must say this is my reason for choosing a Park Property Management building to be my home the second time around.

I have found my tenancy in both buildings to be comfortable and the staffs are really caring and respectful to the tenants and their needs.

Once again, thank you all and have a grand day.

Jennifer B.

My husband and I took possession of our unit on January 1st 2021 and moved in January 4th, 2021.

We had been told when we looked at the unit that it was going to be renovated and updated.  The floors were going to be replaced with vinyl flooring; new bathrooms; new kitchen; wall between kitchen and living room taken down.  Well, suffice it to say, all of the noted was done and the unit is absolutely gorgeous.  Our view faces west and the amount of light that comes in is unbelievable.  Everything that we were told was going to be done was done and the unit is stunning.   The unit is a very good size however with the removal of the wall between living room and kitchen makes the unit feel even larger.  All the new appliances (fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave) are top notch and to our surprise, in unit laundry was installed. 

We are extremely happy with the remodel and are thrilled to be living here.

As well,  ALL the staff has made us feel very welcome, like family.  We feel very fortunate to be living here as we transitioned from homeowner to apartment dweller; moving from the East End (Ajax)to the West End as well as "empty nesters" very easy and smooth.

Thank you everyone.



Mark and Catherine R

Testimonial Attachment

Mark & Catherine R.

63 Widdicombe Hill Blvd.

We have the best Superintendent ever. We have been at 45 Caroline St. N., Waterloo.for many years. Mack's work service to us is NUMBER 1. 

Robert M. and Anna R.

45 Caroline St N

Park property has gone above and beyond making the transition into the building smooth and easy. The premium apartment is everything you would want for a great price. The kitchen is beautiful, from the island for added space, stainless steel appliances to the pot lights. The brand new flooring is nicely done and adds a nice touch to the suite. The washer and dryer adds convenience  into your home making life easy! All and all the new premium apartments make coming home everyday that much more enjoyable!

Having 70 Buildings and 7000+ dwellings and helping Toronto renters is great. I was wondering about your success. But when I met one of your rental agent ( name - Oksana), I decided that your success has the core strength from Staff. The way you have trained your staff is excellent and her service to us [just when I accompanied a friend to see a vacant apartment for my friend] is remarkable. She motivated me to recommend your property to some of the new employees who came to Toronto recently. Though, the machine is replacing many works today, the customer relationship is mainly on the man power and you have good skills to tap it by training and employing fit people.

I appreciate.


I am a tenant at 73 Widdicombe Hill, and I wanted to share this with you. I went to our Superintendents office to discuss issues I was having with the taps in the bathroom tub and sink. Christine wrote the information down and had me sign a form. A gentleman from Park came to my unit, looked at the taps and said he would send in a crew to fix this. On Thursday 2 men arrived at 9 am to work on the bathroom. Not only did they put in beautiful single lever taps in the tub and bathroom sink, they replaced the sink too, as the first gentleman noted there was a lot of rust in the sink. They did a wonderful job, and I could not be any happier. I just wanted to give a heartfelt Thank You! This is why I love living here.

Many Thanks again.

I would like to thank the superintendents for the amazing job they do at 14 & 18 Spruce st. I am a tenant in apt *** and have the privilege of watching the both of them consistently go above and beyond for myself and fellow tenants in the building. However, the fire Drill with the Fire fighters of Cambridge was simply outstanding. Especially in light of the tragic fire in London England, this was another reason I feel safe to have my family in such a fantastic building.

Please let them know the wonderful job they are doing.

Sincerely Julie P.

Julie P.

14 Spruce Street

I have lived at 20 Aurora Court for over 7 years now and I have found it to be a great place to live. My unit is very quiet and nicely laid-out. The management team have always been very quick to address any service or work order requests and the building and grounds are well taken care of. The supers are a really nice  couple and easy to deal with. When compared to other apartments that I have observed and that my friends live in, I consider myself very lucky to be here. All and all I would recommend Park Property to anyone looking for a  high standard of apartment living.

Keep up the good work!

Mike K.

My name is Anuradha C. and I along with my husband & daughter would be moving into 20 Carlton street. We are writing to share our feedback about the leasing agent at The Maples - 20 Carlton street.

We were looking for an apartment to move in downtown Toronto and had contacted several property managers and leasing agents. While most leasing agents had no customer service skills, were rude &  didn't have the patience to answer our queries, that wasn't true for him. Not only did he patiently answered all our questions but also exhibited superior customer service skills. He guided us at every step of the process and was also there to make sure we were at ease. He also kept checking on us through emails whether we needed any information or assistance from his side to move in.

We are really happy and blessed to have come across someone like him who understands how it feels to be a tenant and wish we have people like him working for every property management in Canada. He is an asset to any firm that he would work for and we wish him all the best.


Anuradha C.

I just wanted to let you know that this morning I walked into the Garbage Room and it was so "clean and organized" that I actually thought I should take a picture. All the residents at 170 Cherryhill are so fortunate to have Louie as our Building Manager. I am a long-time resident, and it has been many years since I've seen our building so well taken care of. I should also mention that Louie is a very nice friendly guy and is so approachable. We all feel like he truly cares about the building and the residents. 

We also have a really good cleaner (Elijah) - not sure about the spelling of his name. He does a great job and is so courteous and has a smile for everyone. 
Just some positive feedback I wanted to provide.



"I am a recently approved applicant to Massey House, 550 Jarvis Street, Toronto. I was very pleased to learn about the approval, and impressed by the process from start to finish. As someone who strongly believes that good news and positive experiences should be shared and commended, I would like to share my recent experience with Park Property Management Inc. 

I am a finance professional who was seeking to be closer to the downtown core. This search led me to look at several available properties downtown that would not only be close to the financial district but also nearby amenities. I must thank Mr. Anirudh Chakravarty and the Park Management Team for making this process seamless and transparent. Mr. Chakravarty was able to paint a visual picture of the property and promote its benefits over the phone; walking me through all the possible options available to me. The fact that he was ultra competent made me uber-comfortable with contacting him; and days later I attended my initial viewing. 

Despite having several options for apartments and condos in the city, the exceptional customer service I received from the company was actually a strong determining factor in selecting Massey House. Upon my arrival, I met with management who walked me through the work that Park Property Management Inc. has done since it came under their Management. I learned the company played remarkably close attention to its selection of quality tenants and that adequate capital investments were made to ensure safety. When I viewed the available apartments (which were being renovated at the time), I was impressed with the size, upgrades, and choices of finishings and appliances. When compared to several other buildings in the city, this was very attractive and impressive.

I enquired about further renovations to the corridors, the lobby area and amenities such as a gym and the Management team indicated these capital investments are potentially in the works. I was particularly pleased to learn of the possibility of the Gym/Fitness center, given that I, like so many other tenants, sees this as a necessity. I was also impressed by the timely response from Park Property Management Inc. with the final decision. I am awaiting the final lease from you and want to thank Mr. Chakravarty and the Park Property Management for the exceptional customer service, as well as the clear and timely communication.

I am looking forward to a stable tenancy and a strong relationship with your company."

Kevin S.

550 Jarvis St

I wanted to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude for the assistance Peter provided during our property inquiry. His support and guidance were instrumental in helping us navigate the process.

We are especially grateful for the effort he put into arranging and coordinating the property viewings. His prompt responses to our inquiries and his flexibility in scheduling the appointments were greatly appreciated. He made the entire experience smooth and hassle-free.

Thank you once again for his invaluable support. We are grateful for his guidance and look forward to our future interactions.

Thomas & Rahel

55 Livingston Road

I have had the good pleasure of living at "The Folkestone" for the past 12 years. I have been extremely happy with the service by the Superintendents as no task is too big or too much trouble. The building is well cared for, from the clean floors to the well-manicured lawns and surroundings. All I have to do is sit back and enjoy my home at 55 Livingston Road! 

M Starr

My husband and I have lived here for 24 years at Lolita Gardens Mississauga. To us this is home, not just an apartment building, we love it here. The management staff and office staff are fantastic taking care of any work orders immediately. They keep the grounds and building very clean, planting beautiful flowers all around the front of the buildings every summer. Just when l thought we had everything one needs a swimming pool and sauna - they went and built a gym. Our gym has everything one needs for an excellent workout. I am seventy years old and work out, l love it. Thank you Park Property. Anyone looking for an excellent place to live l highly recommend Park Property Management Inc.

H Dawe