Is the winter weather bringing down your mood?

Try brightening your apartment with these simple tips from Park Property Management Inc.

Add some sparkle to the room. Display your crystal glassware or pick up a few cut-glass dishes to leave on a bookshelf or coffee table.

Decorate with mirrors. Mirrors will reflect the light around the room, check out these tips on how to brighten a room with mirrors.

Add a pop of colour. Colourful throws, pillows, and rugs will not only brighten your apartment, but also your mood!

Change your lightbulbs. During the winter, we rely on our interior lighting more. Pay attention to the colour of your bulbs rather than the wattage. This article explains the different colour temperatures and their effects.

Buy a plant or a bouquet of flowers. Flowers add a fresh pop of colour to the room. If you want some added benefits, consider buying a potted plant. Plants like Orchids, Peace Lilly's, and Chrysanthemums have beautiful flowers and are easy to look after.

Open the window drapes completely. Consider using a curtain rod that is larger than your window frame. This way, when the drapes are open, the entire window is visible and you are letting in the maximum amount of light.

Go for bright colourful bedding. When it's time to switch out your summer bedding for a warmer set, look for bright colourful patterns. You will be warmer when sleeping, and your room will be bright and cheerful!

De-clutter your space. Reorganizing and decluttering your space will not only help improve your mood, but make your apartment feel lighter and brighter.


Don't let the shorter days bring you down. Brighten up your living space and create your own personal oasis from the dreary winter weather.

Looking for a new apartment this winter? Park Property Management Inc. has a variety of bright and spacious suites waiting for your personal touch.