Having a hard time finding space for a Christmas tree in your apartment? Don't give up - get creative. 

Here are some inventive, space-saving solutions to help you decorate your apartment for the holiday. 

If you're hoping to find space for a big, beautiful tree, you're in luck. There are artificial trees specifically designed for tight spaces. Renters can choose a half-tree to place against a wall or a corner tree that will sit snugly into a corner. With these options you can have your big beautiful tree, while only using a fraction of the space. 

If artificial trees don't do it for you, take some inspiration from A Charlie Brown Christmas. Choose a potted sapling from your local greenhouse to make your holiday décor sentimental and practical. Take a cue from Linus and wrap the pot with a favourite blanket or use holiday ribbon and decorate the sapling with miniature ornaments and lights. You can keep the tree indoors as you care for it and then donate it to a park or neighbour for planting. 

If the scent of an evergreen tree is what really makes your holiday complete, visit your local garden centre to purchase fresh evergreen branches, garland, or swags. Hang your greenery throughout your apartment or in one central area. Alternatively, you can purchase a festive urn from your local garden center, complete with natural elements, for a fresh Christmas tree alternative. 

For renters with young children, purchase a felt tree and attach it to the wall with 3M Command picture hanging strips. It's the perfect activity for children while saving space in your apartment. Or, create a tree on the wall with festive Washi tape. Get inspired and make beautiful designs on your wall, then string lights with clear 3M Command hooks. 

Don't stress about limited space this holiday, get creative to find the solution that fits your space. If you're looking for a new apartment this holiday season, check out our availabilities