Ready to downsize but not sure how to start preparing? 

Apartment living is loved by many and we want to help you fall in love with your new home too!


Downsizing comes with some great benefits:

  1. Eliminates property responsibilities
  2. Saves money: no hidden fees or costly repairs
  3. Less area to clean
  4. Eco-friendly: reduces your carbon footprint.

Go shopping at home

Pretend you've lost all your possessions and need to replace them. Go around your home 'shopping' for the items you can't live without. Be strict with yourself and only pick out what you really need. Put all your must have items on your moving list and then move onto an "I want" list. Keep the things you could probably live without, but don't want to! All the remaining items in your home will need to be designated as donate, sell or throw away. This process will stop you from packing up items that will end up cluttering up a small space. 

Stock up on Storage

Consider replacing some of your furniture with pieces that are functional and have built-in storage. The more your furniture can do for you, the better! Find some containers with lids that will stack and use bins or baskets for items you will use regularly. To avoid buying storage containers and bins that leave wasted space, measure the area you want to use and only buy what will fill the space the best for optimal organization. 

Unpack, Settle in, Purge

While unpacking in your new apartment, carefully consider where everything will go and look for the best fit. After a few weeks, you may want to re-organize to make your space work better for you. This is a great time to do another purge of your items and toss away anything you haven't used or that doesn't work in the space. If you are having a hard time purging your stuff, create a 'maybe' box to store things you think you might need. If the box is left untouched after 6 months, toss it!

To keep your apartment organized, adopt a few rules:

  1. When you purchase something new, toss something old.
  2. Put your stuff away right after using it.
  3. Tidy daily: make your bed in the morning and clean your dishes after use.

Looking for a great apartment to downsize into? Park Property Management has a variety of suites to suit your needs!