Scarborough residents, if you're looking for a great summer destination, look no further than your own backyard!

The Scarborough Bluffs are a stunning sight that extend 15km along Scarborough's Lake Ontario shoreline.

If you haven't taken the time to explore this picturesque area yet, put it on your summer to-do list! Here at Park Property Management, The Bluffs are one of our favourite Scarborough retreats.

You'll find The Bluffs just a short drive from our Minerva and St. Clair buildings, and you can reach a section of the bluffs just steps from our Guildwood Village property through Guild Park and Gardens located directly behind the building.

Take a leisurely stroll along the nature trails at Scarborough Bluffs Park, Guild Park and Gardens, or Scarboro Crescent Park. As you travel deeper into the trails, you'll find secluded pathways and amazing views of Lake Ontario from the top of The Bluffs.

Picnics and play areas are plentiful as there are a total of 9 parks along The Bluffs. Scarboro Crescent Park, just a 6-minute drive from our Minerva buildings, features a children's playground, splash pad, and several picnic tables and benches. Grey Abbey Park, five minutes from Guildwood Village, offers a wonderful view of The Bluffs along with a playground and picnic area.

If you're adventurous, hiking The Bluffs is an amazing experience. The best place to start is at Bluffer's Sand Beach. From Bluffer's Park parking lot turn right, while facing the water, and walk down to the beach. From there you will find a dirt path up a hill, which you can carefully hike up until you reach the lookout for a breathtaking view. If you aren't up for the hike, you can still enjoy the view by driving down Cecil Crescent, just a short distance from our Minerva and St. Clair buildings, to the end. The lookout is just steps from there.

After a beautiful hike, spend the rest of the day at the beach! Bluffer's Park Beach, on the other side of the Marina, is a secluded, soft, and sandy beach, perfect for families and lazy summer days. There's also a lifeguard tower as well as a boat launch.

There's so much to explore at The Bluffs that you could come back over and over and see something different each time!