Cooking with the oven easily heats up any kitchen, but when you live in an apartment, using the oven can turn your whole apartment into a hot zone.

We have some low- and no-heat dinner options that are sure to keep your apartment cool and your belly full!

When it's really hot, eating a hot meal can make you feel even warmer. No-cook recipes are perfect for those crazy hot days or lazy days at the park. Sandwiches are a summer-favourite because they can be made in bulk ahead of time, and easily packed up to take on an outing. Try a roast beef wrap with dill slaw this summer, or this portobello mushroom "B"LT for our vegan and gluten-free friends. 

When it's so hot outside that you can hardly bear the heat, try biting into something nice and cool. Summer salads combine fresh, healthy, and in-season ingredients to create the perfect no- or low-heat meal. Leave the dressing off so you can make big batches ahead of time to store in your fridge. Add some chicken or tofu to your favourite salad for a heartier meal. 

Satisfy your sweet-tooth this summer with a no-bake summer dessert! From homemade ice cream to key lime pie, there are plenty of sweet and cool recipes that you can make without turning on your oven.

Don't let summer cooking make you sweat! Keep yourself and your apartment cool with these low- to no-heat meals.