You might not realize it, but it's important to be a great tenant to your landlord!

Getting a 'glowing' referral is much easier when you have a good relationship with your landlord and neighbours.

Here at Park Property Management, we want you to have the best rental experience possible. So, we've put together some tips on how to be a good tenant:

Pay your rent on time

Paying your rent late can affect your relationship with your landlord, hurt your credit rating, or even get you evicted! Anytime you pay your rent late, for any reason, your landlord can serve you a Notice of Termination for Non-Payment (N4) form, which if left unpaid, can lead to your eviction. Keep in mind that your landlord will include your payment history in any rental referral. 

Many rental housing companies now offer online payments, which makes it easier to pay on-time and from the comfort of your home. Park Property Management also offers this option, along with telephone or PC banking. To set this up, please contact your management office.

Keep your apartment clean

Keeping an apartment tidy and reasonably clean is the tenant's responsibility. Not only will you be happier in a clean home, but your landlord will appreciate it too! Think about when you were viewing potential apartments -- were you more impressed with ones that were well-kept? A tenant who takes good care of their home space is always very appreciated by the property manager and landlord. When a dirty or unkempt apartment becomes a fire hazard, safety concern, or a disturbance to other tenants, a landlord can issue a Notice to End Tenancy (N5).

Regular maintenance

If your fridge isn't working, you would let your landlord know right away. But what if the issue doesn't affect your daily life -  will you still notify your landlord? A leaky faucet or running toilet might not cause you any problems, but it can be a big problem for your landlord. Notifying your landlord as soon as you notice any maintenance issues will demonstrate your responsibility and respect for the property.

Park Property Management offers an easy, online form to request maintenance for your home. If the issue is urgent, you should contact your property manager or maintenance team by phone or in person, right away.

Be a good neighbour

When you are a good neighbour, you are increasing your quality of life and creating a friendly environment to live. So, being considerate, friendly, and generous to your neighbours benefits both you and the people around you. Your neighbours will appreciate the effort and possibly provide you with a great personal referral!