Wishing for more closet space?

Here are our organizational tips that can help you store your clothing without cramping your style. 


Step 1: Sort

You should start with a proper sorting activity by removing all clothing from the closet and dresser. Sort items into groups (work, casual, warm weather and cool weather). Once done, you will know how much space is required and which items need to be hung. 

This is the perfect time to donate any unnecessary garments. Worried you will want to wear it again? Hook all hangers backwards on the closet rod. After wearing something, hang the item back up the opposite way. After 6-12 months, donate anything still hanging in the reverse position.


Step 2: Organize

Treat yourself with matching hangers to boost your confidence and limit the appearance of clutter. If your closet has more vertical space than needed, install a tension rod or purchase a hanging rod for more space. Alternatively, a small set of drawers placed just inside the closet could provide more storage.

Then, look at storage solutions with dual use in mind. A hanging shoe organizer can be used for more than shoes. These handy organizers can hold workout clothing, tank tops, pajamas, belts, scarves, and even wraps. Drawer dividers in your dresser can help keep undergarments and t-shirts neat and organized.


Step 3: Store

When deciding where to place clothing, opt for space saving solutions. Instead of hanging bulky sweaters and jeans, fold and stack them on a shelf or in a drawer. Likewise, with your dresser drawers, fold and roll t-shirts and other soft garments to save space. S hooks coupled with a one foot utility chain can help you store more items with less space. Hang the S hook on the rod, then attach the chain. Use the chain links to hang several hangers.

Under the bed storage is a valuable space for renters. Out of season wear and extra blankets, bedding, and towels can be stored under the bed in plastic tubs or airtight bags.


If organization doesn't help, it may be time to upgrade your rental. We have got a variety of suites to meet your needs.