Who doesn't love going to the drive-in?

This classic summer past time is too good to pass up! We've found five outdoor theatres close enough to enjoy from our Park Property apartments.


London Mustang Drive-in

2551 Wilton Grove Road, London

The Mustang Drive-in box office is open at 7:30pm seven days a week during the summer, and it's just 30 minutes from our Tillsonburg apartments. They have two screens each playing two movies per night. The concession has plenty of movie snacks along with specialty items like bug spray, rain guards, and lighters. 


Grand Bend Starlite Drive-in

36752 Crediton Road, Grand Bend 

Residents at our Stratford apartments can get to the Starlite Drive-in in about one hour to enjoy a choice of two screens playing two movies each. The box office opens at 8pm all week long. The concession has the usual movie snacks with $0.25 refills for any size drinks and popcorn on same day visits. This drive-in is cash only, but they allow outside food and non-alcoholic drinks.


Stoney Creek Starlite Drive-in

59 Green Mountain Road East, Stoney Creek

Just 20 minutes from our buildings in Burlington, the Stoney Creek Starlite Drive-in plays two movies per night on each of their three screens. The box office opens at 7pm seven days a week, and concessions include hot foods, snacks, and drinks. 


5 Drive-in

2332 Ninth Line, Oakville

The 5 Drive-in has three screens, playing two movies per night with the occasional triple feature on long weekends. Box office opens at 7:30pm each night, and it's a quick drive from our Oakville apartments. Concessions include hot foods, snacks, and drinks.


Guelph Mustang Drive-In

5012 Jones Baseline, Guelph

Although they only have one screen, the Guelph Mustang Drive-in regularly offers two movies a night, plus three movies per night on holidays, and a special four movie feature night on occasion. The box office is open seven days a week starting at 8pm. Concession includes the usual movie snacks along with fish & chips, burgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers, and more. Drive in to this theatre in less than 15 minutes from our Guelph apartments.


Please remember: Screen switching is not permitted at any drive-in, and movies play rain or shine.