Big city living comes with some fantastic benefits that are hard to ignore.

Here are a few reasons why it's great to live in a big, bustling city.

There's always something to do

Big cities are filled with unique shopping experiences, popular restaurants, and exciting entertainment options. When you make a large city your home, your world evolves with new possibilities; you'll easily find a variety of cultural attractions, concerts, and sporting events, at your fingertips. 

Insider tip: Always carry cash for tips, street vendors, and emergencies. 



Large cities have more transportation options available making it easy to give up your vehicle. Public transportation like subways, trains, and even streetcars can help you avoid traffic entirely. Walking and riding your bike to your destination is also easier in a large city. Toronto is the most walkable city in Ontario, followed closely by Mississauga, which means many daily amenities, entertainment options, and recreational activities are pedestrian friendly. 

Insider tip: When using public transportation, respect the personal space of others and don't stand or sit too closely to someone else.


Social life

In a big city you'll find numerous ways to meet new people, try new activities, or broaden your culinary appetite. For example, the city of Toronto has over 50 annual festivals and events that showcase a multitude of different cultures, interests, and activities. You can also meet new people with similar interests by joining a program at a community centre, taking a class, or using

Insider tip: Don't be afraid to talk to your neighbours, their friendship can be an asset when adjusting to big city living.  


Medical care

Large cities often have more medical options. You'll find numerous walk-in clinics, doctors, and pharmacies available throughout the city and some of the best hospitals are in metropolitan centres. Big cities have more funds to support specialized care and can often be a place for significant medical advancement. 

Insider tip: Living in a big city can make you healthier with its walkability and better access to healthy foods and fitness centres.

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