Comfort. Convenience. Community.

Our expansion to Cherryhill Village in London has everything you’d want in a place you call home.

The new community includes 12 new residential buildings with 2114 rental suites, a shopping mall, and hundreds of thousands of square feet of commercial space.

All while being perfectly situated in London and just a short drive from Western University.

All the amenities you want & need

Our spacious rental suites in Cherryhill Village are pet friendly – no furry friend has to be left behind! Heat is included and there is in-building laundry for your convenience. Cookout any day of the week and perhaps meet some neighbours in our BBQ area. There is also an outdoor pool, sauna and tennis courts to use at your pleasure.
 If you prefer an outdoor space just for yourself, you can enjoy a quiet evening outside this summer with a book, a glass of wine, or your significant other on our private balconies.

What’s close by

These apartments are close by to a number of different grocery stores for your convenience, including Bulk Barrel, Oxford Street Valu-mart, Sobey’s Extra and Metro. 
If you have kids, we know that their education is of the utmost importance. Our new apartments are also close to three different schools– Victoria Public School, Eagle Heights Public School or Jeanne Sauve French Immersion Public School. This way you can pick the school that best suits the needs of your child. There are also a  number of healthcare facilities close by, including St. Joseph’s Hospital, Mount Health Centre for Long Term Care and Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic.
The apartments all surround Cherryhill Village Mall, and include 105 Cherryhill Village Blvd, 115 Cherryhill Blvd, 120 Cherryhill Place, 140 Cherryhill Place, 160 Cherryhill Place, 110 Cherryhill Circle; 170 Cherryhill Circle, 180 Cherryhill Circle, 190 Cherryhill Circle, 200 Westfield Drive, 201 Westfield Drive, and 230 Platt's Lane.

Why make the move to London?


The cost of living in London is a lot cheaper than downtown Toronto, and the city still has all the amenities you want and need to live a fulfilling and exciting life. The city has nearly 500 total green spaces including a number of beautiful parks to spend a quiet afternoon, as well as Covent Market. The market is a bustling and unique place you can visit for your shopping needs, open every day of the week!

Location, location. 

London is in a prime location in Southern Ontario. It offers the perfect blend of city life and beautiful nature. If you need to head to Toronto, it’s less than a two-hour drive away. The city has two beautiful beaches, Lakeside beach and Lighthouse beach, perfect for spending a beautiful and relaxing summer day.

Interested in moving to Cherryhill?

We’re so excited about calling London home and we’d love to have you be part of our new family!
We have a bachelor suite available now starting at $1200 per month. We’re also renting out one-bedroom apartments starting at $1330, and spacious two bedrooms for $1490. Regardless of what suite size you’re looking for, you can find out more online here: You can also browse through our photo gallery to get a better idea if a move to Cherryhill is for you. If you have questions or would like to apply, feel free to contact us by phone at (226) 270-2643.