Complete property management includes much more than leasing, supervision and maintenance. Like any other investment, real estate has its own rules for compliance, reporting and governance. At Park, we have the in-house capabilities to manage the corporate aspects of real estate investments. Through our Corporate Management Division, we offer a full range of services, which includes regular record keeping,banking, preparation of tax returns and financial statements, and overall control of assets and liabilities.

We also provide financial advice and submit tax planning proposals to our clients. With respect to legal matters, we see to the preparation of resolutions, minutes, by-laws and articles as well as the filing of annual information returns. In providing these services we liaise with lawyers, accountants and tax advisors. In consultation with our clients we arrange for short and long-term financing. Any surplus funds which accumulate are invested in such vehicles as treasury bills, banker's acceptances, term deposits or concentration accounts to maximize the return.