After what seemed like the longest year ever riddled with uncertainty and concern, many of us are looking for ways to revamp our homes. Regardless of whether you’re still working from home on a regular basis, chances are your apartment can use a bit of a refresh this summer. Here are 5 interior design trends for 2021 that are apartment friendly!

Bold Statement Colours

While many tend to be more reserved with colour when it comes to their homes, a trend we’ve had our eye on for this year is the addition of bolder colour choices that will make your room pop. Colour always equals personality, and the design of our homes should mirror who we are or want to be as people. Don’t be afraid to add some bright red pillows to your couch or find a colourful centrepiece for your coffee table.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

One of the major home design trends that has skyrocketed in the last year is the development of flexible and multi-purpose furniture. With work-from-home culture comes the need to separate yourself from work at the end of your day and just relax at home. But not everyone necessarily has the luxury of a home office where you can just close the door at the end of the day. Enter: furniture that fits your lifestyle, no matter which hat you’re wearing in that moment. From beds that convert into desks, foldable furniture that can be hidden away when not needed, or a standing desk that allows you to ensure you’re not spending all day sitting and is also easily compactable in the moments you need it out of sight, the options are endless.

Bring the Outdoors, Indoors

The inclusion of greenery in our homes is not only beautiful décor wise, but studies have shown that plants can be a big help when it comes to our mental health, often aiding with relaxation. An easy way to spruce up your apartment is to head to your local nursery and find some plants that you’re drawn to, and you feel would be a nice addition to your home. You might be surprised at how the smallest addition such as a windowsill orchid or a succulent by your bedside can bring the entire vibe of a room together.

The Return of Vintage

For some, vintage never left. But we’ve certainly seen a resurgence of vintage designs and furniture in 2021. Antique pieces that are looking for a new home are quickly being swept up and repurposed by those wanting to take on smaller projects and add a delightful, aged, statement piece to their homes. This is the perfect idea for someone in an apartment looking for a way to upgrade your current décor scheme, without doing any major work. With vintage, less is more, so if you’re found one lovely piece that you fell in love with, swoop it up and bring it home!

Keep it Comfortable

Let’s face it – in 2021, comfort is of an utmost priority to all of us. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, your living space boasting comfort, ease, and security, is something we all need these days. Easy additions to any apartment include oversize throws, fluffy pillows, and large love seats. Elevating the comfort level in your home should always be a priority, but now more than ever this has become something that people are acting on, especially if they’ve chosen apartment living.

Your design scheme needs to work for your life and your apartment is meant to be a place where you can enjoy spending time. So, experiment with the bolder colours, add some greenery, ensure your home prioritizes comfort, and if you find a beautiful vintage piece that will bring everything together, don’t wait – grab it before someone else does!

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