As the collective exhale can be heard and felt across Ontario this month as the easing of COVID-19 restrictions finally begins just in time for patio and barbecue season, couples and families are planning their households summer activities. From daytrips to staycations, and hiking to bonfires, there certainly are more possibilities for everyone to enjoy their summer than there were last year, and we can all use the relief! Here are a few activities we'd suggest looking into with your family for the summer:


Trail Walks

One thing we have no shortage of across Ontario is trails! While there were portions of lockdown that kept them closed, many have now reopened and more will follow in the coming weeks. One thing to keep in mind when researching which trail to hit with your friends or family over the weekend, is that some sites are open by appointment only to minimize crowding. All guidelines can be found either on the designated websites. If you'd like to do some research about which previously unexplored trails are close to you and how you can access them, use the handy Find a Trail tool.


Picnic Lunch

Ready for a break from your trail walk or hike? What better way to take in the sights and refuel than with a picnic lunch! If you're not in the mood for a hike that day, you can also take a picnic to the park or beach and find a picturesque spot to enjoy your lunch. Keep in mind that many picnic tables may remain out of service for the time being, but most parks are still allowing those wish to bring food in the park to do so with their own setup. So, a blanket and travel umbrella it is! You can check out some of Toronto's parks, gardens, and beaches and begin to plan your excursions.


Day Trips

The province of Ontario is full of beautiful, picturesque gems that many Ontarians don't have time to discover. But as we enter another summer where things are not yet back to normal and we are encouraged to still be cautious about the size of our gatherings, now is the time to plan a couple easy day trips to some of the stunning locations that are within driving distance of Toronto. A travel blogger – My Wandering Voyage – has put together a list of over fifty day trips you may want to take within Ontario. The timing is all broken down with a departure from Toronto, so you can plan your travel accordingly depending on whether you want to or are able to make it an overnight trip.


Drive-In Movie

Lastly, who doesn't love a drive-in movie? While maybe unfamiliar to current generations of kids, this is a fun activity that never disappoints. With some exciting films coming out this summer such as Cruella and In The Heights, why not take your friends or family to their first drive-in experience? We've seen fewer drive-in events throughout the GTA during the pandemic, but they have been wildly popular across the United States, with everything from concerts, stand-up performances, and rallies. Drive-in theatres have reopened throughout the GTA and Southern Ontario, so why not find one near you and take in a film!


While we will miss such attractions as the CNE once again this summer, we are spoiled for outdoor activities that cater to the ideal smaller groups of people. Take full advantage of the beautiful warmer weather, open outdoor amenities, and the opportunity to be with your friends and family again and explore somewhere you've not previously visited. Have a wonderful summer!