Lots of people find exercising more enjoyable when listening to music, but do you know why?

We love to see our residents use our building's fitness centres and have noticed that almost everyone is accompanying their exercise with tunes! We asked ourselves, why is music so instrumental (no pun intended!) to a workout? 

Here are 5 reasons music adds pep to your step!

  1. Music has a way of making us push ourselves which increases endurance. Costas Karageorghis, Ph.D. has been studying the effects of music on workouts for years. He determined that "[Music] can reduce the perception of effort significantly and increase endurance by as much as 15%." People working out with music tend to exercise longer, often without realizing it.

  2. When we are listening to our favourite songs while exercising, it can distract us from time, aches and fatigue. The music input competes with your brain's feedback that typically tells you that you've been at this task for awhile and that you're getting tired. 

  3. Music elevates your mood, which will help you feel more motivated to workout. Even if you're dreading your workout, once you put on your favourite playlist, you might feel like you're getting an adrenaline rush. This is actually an increase in dopamine- the body's natural mood enhancer. 

  4. Do you ever notice that you run faster when listening to a fast tempo song or that your workout rhythm syncs with the beats of the current song on your playlist? Many psychologists call this the "rhythm response'. It's the same concept when we listen to music and nod our head or tap our toes to the beat, just applied to your running steps or cycling pace!

  5. Listening to slow tempo music (70-110 bpm) during yoga can help eliminate stress and promote proper breathing


  • Ears are more sensitive during intense workouts and more susceptible to damage. Be sure to keep the volume limited so you won't damage your hearing.  

  • Focusing too much on music may cause you to overstretch or do your reps too quickly. Choose music with the right tempo for your workout routine and remember to focus on your breathing and keeping good form.  

  • A late-night workout can be great; however, you should switch to a slower tempo as you head home to get your body and mind ready for sleep.

  • The songs you pick should mean something to you, provide good memories, make you happy, and motivate you.


App and device suggestions:

  • Spotify Music App: Install this app to stream music for free with pre-set workout playlists. Premium account available for offline listening.

  • Google Play Music: Stream millions of songs for free with pre-set workout playlists. Premium account available for offline listening. 

  • Zombies, Run!  Zombify your next run, walk, or jog with this app that immerses you in a zombie apocalypse where you need to run to save yourself!

  • iHeartRadio: Choose to listen to one of 200 radio stations for free

  • TomTom Spark Music Plus Cardio, a fitness watch that comes with 3G storage capacity to hold about 500 songs. Pair with some wireless Bluetooth earbuds for a great workout.

  • Not sure what to listen to? Here's a comprehensive guide to some of the best workout songs in various music genre categories.

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