Park Property Management is thankful for Thanksgiving leftovers!

Chances are, you spent ample time in the kitchen over the Holiday weekend, preparing a delicious Autumn spread. Take it easy the remainder for the week by utilizing the time you've already spent by turning your leftovers into a weeks worth of meals!

First, make sure to store your Thanksgiving leftovers properly so that you can enjoy them without risking your safety or their quality.


Carrots: If you served steamed or boiled carrots at dinner, why not change it up the second time around? Cooked carrots will last up to a year in the freezer or use them up within 5 days with these great recipes.


Broccoli: This veggie is hearty, healthy and when already cooked, can turn into a handy ingredient. Make sure you store your cooked broccoli properly, and it can be made into soup, used in a quiche or added to various dishes.


Mashed Potatoes: If you mashed a few too many potatoes, you're in luck, there are unlimited possibilities for leftover mashed potatoes! No really, there are so many options!


Squash: Squash is the 'go-to' veggie this time of year. What's Thanksgiving without a squash dish? Discover 18 great ways to use it !


Turkey Stuffing: It's not often that stuffing is leftover, however, if you can refrain from finishing it all on Thanksgiving day, here are some mouth-watering ways to enjoy it!


Turkey: The best leftover of all, is turkey. If the thought of turkey sandwiches for a week makes you yawn, check out these yummy alternatives:

With these great ideas, the hardest part will be choosing what to make!

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