Many people only do a deep clean of their living spaces in the spring, however, thoroughly cleaning your apartment in the Fall is a great way to prepare for the colder seasons ahead. 

Before getting started-- Park Property Management suggests you do a thorough tidy-up and organization of your home, so spaces and items are easier to access once you're in 'cleaning mode'.

Once you have an organized apartment, it's time to tackle the following:

Windows and Window Sills

After being open throughout the summer, a lot of dust and dirt has likely collected. Do a soap & water wipe down first, then finish off with window cleaner. If you can access the insides and outsides of the windows, clean both!

Light Fixtures 

Ceiling and standing light fixtures are often forgotten in the day-to-day dusting. They tend to accumulate a layer of dust and dirt since they're cleaned infrequently. Make sure you safely remove any light dishes and clean the inside of them with soap & water. For ceiling fans, don't forget to wipe the tops of the blades, but watch out for falling dust!

Balcony or Patio

Wash your outdoor furniture items before placing them in storage or covering up for the Winter. Remove any dying plants and anything that can't be left out in the colder weather; roll up outdoor carpets and store away.


If you have carpeting or area rugs in your home, now is a great time to sprinkle some DIY carpet freshener and vacuum the entire area. If you want to do a full clean, rent a carpet cleaner to do a carpet wash.

Couches and Chairs

Just like the carpet, you can sprinkle baking soda over your fabric couch, then vacuum it up to refresh your furniture. For leather couches, use the proper leather cleaner.

Curtains and Blinds 

Window coverings hang indoors every day, and guess what? They get dusty! Wash the fabric curtains in the washing machine according to the label and clean the plastic blinds in the tub or wipe down thoroughly with a damp cloth.

Fridge and Freezer 

Remove food items so you're able to fully clean the shelves, drawers, sides and ceiling of the fridge and freezer. Dispose of any expired foods.

The Oven 

The Holidays are coming which means lots of seasonal cooking and baking! A clean stove and oven will make that process much more enjoyable. If your oven doesn't have a 'self clean' mode, you can clean it yourself using baking soda & vinegar.


Remove contents and wipe down the cupboard doors, handles, and the shelves inside. Feeling ambitious? This is a great opportunity to reorganize your cupboard items! Evaluate what you use often and place those items at the front or lower shelves. Place items you rarely use at the top and donate any usable items that you no longer want or need.

Small Appliances 

How often do you remember to clean the toaster? You might want to also think about the other small appliances you use often, like the coffee maker, stand mixer, or microwave.

TIP: Always remember to clean the dirtiest areas of your apartment first and sweep or vacuum after you dust. We all love a clean home, so doing a deep clean in the Spring and Fall is essential!

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