So, you want to redesign your bedroom while keeping a low budget in mind? 

You're in luck! Park Property Management has some great cost-effective design ideas that will re-invent your bedroom while keeping your apartment in great condition.

Let's get started!

1: Your bed is the focal point. New bedding can make the room feel completely different, even if you don't make any other changes. Bedding sets can get expensive however, so think about finding a throw blanket that coordinates with the quilt or duvet you already have - fold it in half and place on the end of your bed, for a more 'finished' look! Next, pillows are perfect accents that are easy to change out every so often. Choose a couple in coordinating colours and change up the textures. 

Approx. price points:

  • New throw: $25
  • 3 New Pillows: $45 (for cheaper option, buy just a new pillow cover!)


2: Grab a paint brush. To gain the most impact with the least amount of money, work with what you have. A small can of paint and some new hardware can revamp your bedside tables and dresser. Store your table top items in stylish containers (fabric or wood) to make the room feel neater.

Approx. price points:

  • 1 can of chalk paint: $30
  • New drawer handles/knobs: $20

3: Give your window a finishing look. If you already have blinds that are functioning well in the room, adding sheers to either side of the window is a nice addition. Sheer curtains are generally inexpensive and will softly frame the window to make a small, but noticeable change to the room.

Approx price point:

  • 1 pair of sheer curtains: $10

4: Get artsy. Visit an antique market or discount store for canvas art or unique pictures, or choose to make something yourself! You can create a focal point on the wall with a little washi tape and some creativity, or frame some of your own pictures and hang them using 3M picture hanging strips or hooks.

Approx. price points: 

  • Vintage art piece or supplies to make your own: $20

When the decorating is done, your bedroom will be transformed into a beautiful space that both you and your bank account will enjoy!