We all love binge watching our favourite shows, but after a while it can make our nights predictable and even a little boring.

Here at Park Property Management, we have a few suggestions that will add some thrill to your chill!


Make it a game

Don't pick the show or movie yourself, make it a game! Leaving the decision up to chance is an exciting way to choose what you watch. Plus, this is a great way to get into a new show or movie that you wouldn't normally select. Let the roll of a dice determine the genre and show you get. Or, close your eyes  while you scroll through the options. Whatever you land on, is what you should watch!


Add an activity

Instead of watching the TV idly, try multitasking. Cook a dish that matches your viewing choice. Binging with Babish is a YouTube show that recreates food from movies and TV shows, which is a fun way to immerse yourself in your favourite stories. Or, make the most of your time and exercise while you watch. Use the characters in the show to determine what exercises you do:

  • Fighting = 10 push-ups
  • Crying = 20 sit-ups
  • Eating = 60 second plank
  • Catch phrases = 10 burpees


Seek professional advice

If you don't want to leave things up to chance, branch out and try something new with the help of Metacritic, a website that offers synopses and reviews of TV shows and movies, complete with lists of what's currently popular.


Get social

Watching TV by yourself can get boring. Do you ever notice that you don't laugh as loud or comment on the show, when you're alone? Invite friends over to binge with you, or get active with social media groups created to interact with others and share interpretations of the shows you watch. Form a community around your favourite show by hosting a viewing party. Take advantage of apartment living and invite other residents in your building! 


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