Six months ago, many of us made resolutions to better ourselves throughout 2018. Are you still on track today?

If you've slipped up a little since January, don't stress about it! Park Property Management has three helpful tips to get you closer to reaching your goals.



Sometimes all it takes is a little refreshing to keep yourself going. If becoming healthier was your resolution, but you don't feel that you've achieved it, it may be time to look at your goal differently. Being healthy can mean eating less junk and more vegetables. Or, it could mean going for a walk every day, exercising twice a week, or trying to eliminate just one bad food from your diet. When you change up your methods, it will be easier to stay motivated!



When freshening up your resolution isn't working, it's time to reimagine your goal. Smaller goals are often easier to attain, so instead of eliminating your bad habit, try reducing how much you do it instead. Supplementing your bad habit for a good habit is also a great alternative. Start by adding in one good habit when you want to indulge in the bad habit. Then slowly increase the good so you have less time to think about the bad.



There are times when starting over is the only way to go. Life has a way of changing: maybe you got a new job, new partner, or new apartment, and now your old resolution doesn't fit with your new lifestyle. Instead of forcing yourself to stick with an unattainable goal, choose something new to aim for. Make a six-month resolution that will help you accomplish something different by the end of the year.


Success comes with small, simple changes. If your goal is a big one, focus less on the result and more on the steps you need to make towards achieving it.