With the holidays and New Years behind us, Valentine’s Day often lights the way as the yearmoves forward! Though special dinners, nights spent at bars, or trips to the movies may makeup a typical Valentine’s Day, things may get tricky when the occasion falls on a weekday-likethis year! So what can you and your loved one dofrom home?

To help, we’ve combined a list of our top 4 favourite ideas.

1) A Paint Night 

With stores like Michaels and Dollarama, it’s never been easier to find accessible art supplies at your finger-tips. Grab enough for two, pull-out your canvases, and watch any of the many painting tutorials available on YouTube! Some of our favourites (and such a classic) are the Bob Ross tutorials that will always leave you with a smile on your face and a beautiful painting to adorn your spaces with by the end. 

2) Movie Marathon 

Though going to the movies is always a great idea, a good at-home movie night can actually be even more romantic. Light some candles, set up some comfy seating (or even make a fort!), and cook or order some of your favourite foods to munch on while you enjoy personal favourites, classics, or long-awaited releases. And with a plethora of streaming services, the Cineplex store, and even the option to order-in Cineplex popcorn, you can rest assured that your at-home movie date may be your best movie date yet!

3) Virtual escape-room 

The pandemic brought many changes with it, and with that, many new innovations. One of the best innovations that rose in popularity is not only escape rooms - but virtual escape rooms! Though many companies operate solely in virtual, other companies, such as Looking Glass Adventures offer both in-person and virtual escape rooms, which brings the magic of immersion and mystery straight to your home! So, consider spending the night solving some memorable mysteries with your sweetheart. 

4) Cooking Together 

There is something so special to be said about eating a great meal from the comfort of your own home. Though cooking for someone you love can be a fantastic way to show that you care for them, cooking together can be another fun way to not only show that love, but share it too! Find a fun recipe for an entree, have one person do appetizers while another does dessert, or surprise one another by cooking something special they’d like the other person to have as a surprise. This can also be a great excuse to cook and experience some new and innovative recipes together, like the popular Tasty Best Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies. Yum!

However you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day at home this year, know that we at Park Properties are sending you the warmest wishes and the all the best hopes for even more lovely Valentine’s Days to come.