Reduce, Reuse and Recycle last year's school supplies.


It's really easy to get swept up in back to school season and buy all new school supplies for your kids each term, especially with so many retail sales. However, we at Park Property Management Inc. want to share a few ideas that will help you stay on budget, while getting your kids school ready in an environmentally friendly way.


An eco-friendly return to school starts with last year's school supplies. Look through your child's belongings when they come home from school and set aside anything that can be used again the following term.



Before you head off to the store, have your child try on their fall clothes. Make it a fun affair by putting on a mini fashion show.

After you have assessed what really fits and what is too small, gather the unwanted items and head to your closest donation drop-off. Purchase new clothing to replace the donated staple items and a fun outfit for the 1st day! Take advantage of the back to school savings that many clothing shops offer in mid-late August.

Bonus points for organizing a clothing swap between your friends with children, for even greater savings and reusing!


Classroom supplies

Don't rush to buy all new items when what they have still works! After carefully assessing their leftover supplies, see what needs replacing and only purchase those items before school starts.

When in need, buy products you trust to be eco-friendly like Crayola which produces their pencils from reforested wood. Buy pens and other plastic items that contain recycled content.

Did last year's pencils or coloured pencils end up really short? Don't throw them away! Donate them to the kindergarten classroom because short pencils are perfect for little hands learning to write. Check out these other ways to recycle used school supplies.


Lunch & Snacks

Pre-packaged snacks and lunches may be convenient, but they unfortunately generate a lot of garbage. Instead, buy snacks in bulk or make them yourself. Sending lunch and snacks in reusable containers will not only save the planet, but save money too.

Instead of buying an icepack, consider making one! Purchase a package of square sponges and moisten them with water. Then just place each one into a zip lock bag and toss in the freezer.


When preparing your kids for back to school, remember, less is more. Look for products with minimal packaging, made from recycled materials, and quality you can trust to last many years.

Park Property Management Inc. hopes all students have a safe and fun school year!