The days are longer, the weather is amazing, and the kids are…bored!

It can be hard for them to transition from the daily structure of school, to free time in the summer. A summer bucket list is a great way to infuse fun into the summer and offer structure in planned activities. If you haven't made your family's summer bucket list yet, Park Property Management Inc. has a few ideas to get you started.


Cook or bake together. Head to the Farmer's Market with the kids to gather ingredients for dinner. Have them help pick out what meal you will make and let them help with the prep work, cooking (if old enough), and clean up. When families work together to make something, everyone wins. 


See the Animals. The zoo is a great destination for family fun. Kids love animals, and zoos offer rare opportunities to see animals you otherwise only see in books or on T.V. A petting zoo or farm are also great places to take kids, especially the little ones.


Family Hikes. Decide as a family where you will go, then spend an afternoon hiking through a conservation area, forest, or even the local wooded park. Hiking is a great way to bond as a family and the perfect way to add some adventure to your summer.  


Go camping. Create lasting memories as a family when you camp together. Camping gives you the experience of a closeness you can't get at home. Be sure to roast marshmallows, toast hot-dogs, and play at the beach!


Explore an Amusement Park. Whether you are looking for rollercoasters or water rides, there is a park out there for you. Look for a place that offers rides and attractions the whole family will enjoy. Ontario has some really great amusement parks, find one close to your home!


After you have created your summer bucket list, then next step is to put it into action! Get out the calendar and mark off days you have available for family fun. As a family, research and decide which days are best for each activity. If you plan on visiting a beach, be sure to check the beach conditions with the city prior to your visit.

Don't forget to capture your family memories in photos! At the end of the summer put together a photo album or collage of all your summer adventures.

Park Property Management Inc. wishes everyone a safe and happy summer.

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