Living in an apartment is a great experience, but sometimes the architecture of an apartment building can lead to spotty cell phone service. 

Here at Park Property Management, we know a poor cell signal can make the perfect apartment feel less than ideal. So, we've got 3 great ways for you to boost the signal in your apartment.


Use WiFi

Your internet connection can save your cell signal! All you need to do is activate the WiFi calling on your smartphone so that you can use WiFi to send and receive phone calls and text messages. If your internet connection is strong, you will be able to call and text anywhere in your apartment.


Purchase a Signal Booster

If your cell signal is low or only works in certain sections of your apartment, try a signal booster. These devices will spread the signal throughout your apartment and boost the strength of the signal overall. You can find signal boosters at Best Buy Canada, The Source, and Canadian Tire.


Purchase a Headset

If you get great signal in one area of your apartment, take advantage of it by purchasing a Bluetooth headset. Connect the wireless headset and leave your smart phone in the area with the best signal. You'll have the freedom to chat anywhere in your apartment without worrying about the signal strength.


A Few Other Solutions 

If the above solutions aren't working, there may be more complicated reasons for your signal being so weak. Try some of the below solutions if this is the case for you:

  • If your neighbours or roommate have a better signal, it could mean your carrier doesn't have inclusive coverage in your area. Do some research and find a carrier that will offer you a better coverage area.
  • Contact your cell company and ask if they offer femtocells for weak signals. A femtocell is a device that uses your internet connection to boost your signal.
  • Google Hangouts is a messaging service that will allow you to send and receive messages as well as make voice communications. This service is free and available to all Android users.
  • iMessage is the Apple version of Google Hangouts. Apple users can download the app and make calls and send texts even with a poor signal. You can use either of these handy services while your sort out the source of your weak signal! 


Park Property Management has a wide variety of suites available. Stop in to take a tour and test your signal today!