Making the decision of where to live is a difficult one, especially since your home is meant to be your oasis – somewhere you feel comfortable and enjoy spending your time.


Living in a managed property comes with many advantages; the most obvious one being less responsibility placed on the tenant for things such as maintenance or cleaning. Park Property prides itself on offering both quality and value for our 80 buildings located across Ontario



As previously mentioned, living in a Park Property building means less stress and responsibility over the things that many homeowners struggle with daily. Park Property has our own maintenance team who is trained to provide the highest quality of service to residents at every building. They respond quickly and efficiently to our easy-to-use website maintenance form, to ensure that you are in a constant state of comfort! Cleanliness is also of a high priority to us. Our buildings are always kept clean and sanitized by our detail-oriented staff, for your safety and convenience.



As well as the savings that incur from having cleaning and maintenance teams on standby, rental prices are usually lower than a mortgage. The cost of utilities and other incurred costs is also lower due to having a smaller space and less overall responsibilities.



Many Park Property buildings come with awesome amenities such as gyms, pools, tennis courts, sauna rooms, and laundry rooms right in or close to the building! Our buildings also have onsite storage facilities, parking spaces, party rooms, and outdoor relaxation areas. Outside of that, all our buildings are conveniently located in ideal communities close to amenities such as bus/train routes, schools, parks, major roadways, and many forms of entertainment. You will be able to find everything that you are looking for either in, or around our buildings!



Another often-overlooked advantage of residing in a managed building is the safety that comes along with it. Our buildings are situated in safe communities with wide demographics of people. Our friendly and helpful onsite staff ensure your safety within and around the building and are there for any questions and concerns whenever they arise.



At any one of our Park Property managed buildings, you will find a comfortable, welcoming environment, with a management style aimed at the pursuit of long-term relationships with all of our residents.  Whether you are single, starting to build your family, or an empty nester, our management will work tirelessly to make sure that you are taken care of and feel completely at home with us.  All our buildings are pet friendly, and many have great outdoor and indoor social areas to encourage tenants to build lasting relationships.


To hear more about the benefits of living in a Park Property building, check out our testimonials for first-hand accounts of the services we provide.  If you are interested in learning more about any one of our 80 buildings, contact us here or browse all of our buildings by city here.