Park Property buildings are strategically located in areas well served by local businesses. This affords our residents the option to shop at and support nearby, locally owned stores, restaurants, cafés, and more.

We've seen a huge push for supporting our local businesses this past year. While the current version of this movement is born from the economic devastation that has come from the governments' attempts to fight COVID-19, we hope the emphasis on shopping local is here to stay. So, with that said, let's take a look at some of the reasons why shopping local is beneficial for your community, the environment, and for you. Although right now many small businesses cannot allow shoppers inside, most offer convenient curb-side pickup.

Shopping at chains or big-box stores usually becomes a part of our routine from a very young age. We do what we're taught, and more parents go for what might be seen as convenient for them at the time, and we follow suit as we become our own adults. Plus, no one can deny the convenience of Amazon, or using a delivery service to get your groceries brought to you from Loblaws or Walmart. But is this really the best option?

Contributing to the economic growth of your community benefits you and those around you in the long run. Local businesses hire locally and support families in your community. By choosing to shop at your local market, convenience store, or hardware store, you're contributing to job growth within your community. The money spent within a local business, stays local, which is worlds different than major chains who get their products from national distributors.

Now let's talk products. You are sure to find some hidden gems in the diverse array of products in local stores that you wouldn't find through a chain. Usually, these items are sourced from local artists, farmers, or craftspeople. Local businesses love to supply locally made products. Not only does this mean you're supporting more than one business with one purchase, but you're also highly likely to purchase something that the storeowner has tested and trusts. Community business owners maintain the highest level of knowledge on all the products they sell, so when you walk in with a question and you're not sure where to turn, you can have confidence in the direction in which the owner and his employees lead you. Your satisfaction means your return business, which they rely on.

Shopping locally can also do wonders for the environment. When you buy on Amazon or other big online stores, your product often travels a great distance to get to your doorstep. The resources that are used to transport that product contribute immensely to global pollution. Opting to walk or bike to your close by local market instead of driving will also significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Not to mention, you'd also get the benefits of the exercise and fresh air.

As we have seen this past year, local business owners around the world have been doing everything within their power to keep their doors open. Consciously shopping locally whenever you can demonstrate that you believe and support the community which you have chosen to call home. You can build connections with your local store owners and artists, are more likely to have a personal, knowledgeable and pleasant customer service experience, and you're contributing to making your community stronger and more sustainable.

At Park Property, now more than ever, we take pride in supporting and lifting up the communities that we call home.