If April & May rain showers have dampened your mood, brighten things up with homemade floral bouquets for your apartment!

Not sure how to DIY? Park Property Management has a few tips to help you get started.

Pick your Palette

When making homemade bouquets for your apartment, consider your home décor before you choose your blooms. If you prefer to keep things subtle throughout, go with darker coloured flowers and deep greens. To add just a pop of colour to your apartment, pick one hue as a primary focus and accent it with greens and light filler.

Adding sunflowers, tulips, or hydrangeas can make a dull room feel light again. Pair these bright blooms with a light filler like honeysuckle, queen anne's lace, and wheat. Alternatively, flowers like the dahlias, deep purple pansies, or red roses can complement neutral tones and look great when paired with thistles, oriental breeze basil, and branches.

Choose the Right Container

Your flowers will help determine what type of vase to use. Column vases require tall, sturdy stems, while flowers with delicate stems are best paired with a vase that has a narrow opening, and short square or oval vases are great for top-heavy blooms. If you want to do something different from a traditional clear vase, find a coloured, opaque vase which will also hide the stems. If needed, stems can be disguised with strings of ivy.

Prep and Arrange

Before creating your arrangement, remove the leaves from the stems to prevent decay and keep your flowers fresher longer. Cutting stems under water is best, or you can directly place stems in water after cutting. Be sure to start about one inch from the bottom and cut on a 45° angle to allow the most water absorption.

When arranging your flowers, work in odd numbers, and add foliage first. As you add to the vase, walk around it (or turn it) to make sure every angle has coverage. If needed, an elastic band, twine, or floral tape can keep your bouquet tight.

A little water goes a long way - the whole stem does not need to be submerged. Fill your vase halfway with water and make sure to change it frequently. Additionally, adding a cooper penny to the water can help prevent bacteria and will keep your flowers looking great longer!


If you need some inspiration or would like some expert tips on the specific flowers you choose, speak with your local florist or a gardener at your local farmers' market!