Farmers Markets make shopping for locally grown and sourced food, easy and fun!


Growing your own fruit and veggies can be a rewarding experience, but living in an apartment doesn't always allow you the space you need to properly garden. If you're looking to eat fresh this summer, head to your local farmers market. Not sure what to expect?

Park Property Management has all the information you need to know!

What you can find there

At the farmers market, you will find various vendors selling locally grown, seasonal foods. You can choose from a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables, freshly packed meat, dairy, locally harvested honey and more! You'll also find vendors selling handmade crafts, flowers, baked goods, chocolates, and juices.

Benefits of buying food from local farms

If you are looking to start eating healthier, shopping at a farmers market is a great idea. All the food you see at the market is grown locally without pesticides or additives and harvested at their peak either that morning or the night before. This alone is worth the trip to the market, however, there are even more benefits to enjoy!

Have you ever wanted to try a new vegetable but weren't sure the best way to cook it? The farmers and staff at the market know all the secrets and are more than happy to help you out. They can give you tips on storage, how to prepare it and suggest what to pair with it!

Everyone knows shopping locally helps your community. Shopping at your city's market directly helps local farmers and gives them a better return on their produce. When you shop at the market, you are supporting both the farmers and your community.

If you have never shopped at a market before, keep these tips in mind:

  • Bring cash and change (Loonies and Toonies). The vendors likely won't accept debit or credit.

  • Bring a re-useable bag for your purchases and keep a cooler in your car if you plan to pick up cheese, eggs, or meat.

  • For the best selection, shop early! Markets often open early in the morning and by mid-morning can sell out of their wares. However, you can occasionally catch a deal right before the market closes.

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