Fill your apartment with the wonderful aroma of winter and transform it into a winter wonderland!

Winter brings with it some beautiful scenes and delightful scents. Park Property Management wants you to enjoy some of the best winter aromas in the comfort of your own warm, cozy home!


Bake Some Holiday Cookies

Baking holiday cookies means filling your apartment with the sweetest winter scents, while also loading your taste buds with the season's best flavours such as gingerbread and peppermint. If you have a lot of baking to do, organize by flavour and spread the work out throughout the weeks leading up to the holidays. Many cookies can last for weeks if stored properly, so you can keep the incredible aromas in your apartment while spreading out the work all season long! Looking for recipes? Try some of the Food Network's holiday favourites.


Boil Cinnamon and Cloves

If baking isn't your thing, you can still mimic the aromas of baked goods without turning on the oven. Instead, boil some cinnamon sticks and cloves in a pot of water. When the steam rises, so will the savoury scent! Boiling water can also add much needed moisture to dry winter air. Be sure there is plenty of water in the pot, and use a low temperature. Turn the burner off whenever you leave the kitchen. 


Pick up a Festive Table Top Arrangement 

These gorgeous arrangements from Terra Greenhouses smell amazing and add the perfect elegant touch to your holiday decor. With a variety of planter colours to choose from, these beautiful centerpieces add a pop of colour to your apartment and a festive aroma that lasts throughout the season. 


Use Essential Oils

Heating essential oils in a diffuser is a great way to leave your apartment smelling great all year round. During the holidays, grab some frankincense, cinnamon, and orange to create a nice fireside blend. For something sweeter, try peppermint, spearmint, and cassia. Together, these oils recreate the smell of a candy cane!


Bring these wonderful scents to any of our spacious apartments and cozy up to winter!