Park Property Management wishes you a

Happy Thanksgiving!


We want to help you make the most of your celebration ~ We're sharing some easy how to's so you can minimize the stress and maximize the thankfulness!




It's not always easy to entertain in a small space.

We know you want to enjoy Thanksgiving without having to send Grandma to the kids table, so here's a couple helpful how-to's:


Prep early- really really early.

You don't have to get up at 6am, but do whatever prep you can the night prior, to eliminate as much cleanup and used counter-space as possible. Also try to clean as you cook- the less dirty dishes hanging around, the more counter-space you'll have to work with. 


De-clutter your space.

The more floorspace, the better. Move cumbersome coffee tables and other decorative items to a room that won't be used while company is over. Items in the dining area that could get knocked over, or be in the way of a few extra chairs, should be moved out of the room as well. Don't be afraid to re-arrange furniture, it can always be moved back afterwards. 

When it comes to decoration, forgo the large or bulky centerpiece.  Instead, utilize your tablecloth, napkins and dinnerware to add a holiday touch. 


Plan out the stove shuffle and avoid a fridge fiasco.

You know the turkey will occupy the oven majority of the time, but don't forget about the other items that need to be baked or warmed up. Pre-cook whatever items you can and save on oven time by reheating after the turkey is out and resting.

You'll want to clear out as much space as possible in your fridge- side dishes, desserts and refreshments that need to be kept cold can take up a lot of space. You won't want last weeks leftovers in the way! Throw away expired food and consider an ice bucket or cooler for items that are bulky and take up too much room.

Store these on your balcony or in an unused room. 


Do your best to keep cool - literally. 

Open your windows or sliding balcony doors to allow cool, fresh air to circulate. When there's a hot oven, hot food and hot bodies all in one small space, it can be overwhelming and uncomfortable. You can also avoid extra oven use by asking guests to bring a fully prepared, hot side dish that can just be warmed up if necessary. After the turkey is out of the oven, place the items needing a re-heat in and turn it off- it will stay warm for awhile. 



These days, there are more options than the classic stuffed turkey.

If you're new to this or just want to reinvent your traditional turkey, check out the links below for amazing recipes:


How to stuff a turkey

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Hot after-dinner drinks are trending right now.

We've included some fantastic recipes that are essentially 'Autumn-in-a-cup':


                                                                 Image via


Includes Alcohol:

Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Apple Cider Toddy

Positano Winter Sunset



Hot Chocolate

Mulled Apple Cider with Orange & Ginger

Cranberry Cider




It takes 12 hours to defrost a turkey in cold water

It takes 5-6 days to defrost a turkey in a refrigerator

You should cook a fresh turkey within 2 days, if not freezing it

3.1 million turkeys were sold in Canada for Thanksgiving in 2014


Park Property Management is thankful for all of our wonderful tenants and dedicated staff!