If you're finding your hydro bill to be a little too high, Park Property Management has five simple ideas that will help you save money on your next bill.


1. Swap your lighting

If you thought switching to CFL bulbs was saving money, you were right. However, there's a better bulb now! The LED is a longer lasting, more energy efficient light source. Plus, LED bulbs offer truer colouring and brighter light. LED can last up to 10 years, making replacements minimal, and with the little energy they require, you'll make a small dent in your next bill.


2. Use Smart Power Bars

Phantom power is when a device is turned off, but still uses energy. Things like coffee makers, printers, cell phone chargers, computer monitors, TVs, cable boxes, and computers or plugged in laptops, can use up to 83 watts of power when off. Avoid paying for electricity you aren't using by plugging everything you can into smart power bars that will completely shut power off to the electronics when not in use.


3. Regular apartment maintenance

Little maintenance issues throughout your apartment could be costing you money! If you feel a draft through your windows, your oven takes a long time to heat up, or your fridge is over-running or not sealing property, call the property manager right away. These little things are costing you money on your hydro bill!


4. Power off

Leaving lights on throughout your apartment is wasting energy and costing you money. Create a habit of turning out the light when you leave the room. Turn off the TV and radio when you're finished with them, and power down your computer instead of letting it go to sleep. If you have a dishwasher, choose to run it overnight to avoid paying higher "on-peak" rates.


5. Cook more efficiently

When you cook a meal on the stove, use the smallest pot you can and always use the lid to trap in the heat. Electric stoves will retain heat, so you can turn off the burner when the dish is just about ready and let the residual heat finish the cooking. Choose to add a few meals that don't require the stove. Slow cookers and microwaves use nearly 50% less energy than your stove.