Washi tape is a decorative adhesive made from traditional Japanese paper that comes in all different colours, patterns, and sizes. The best part is, Washi tape can be used and reused without any residue left behind.

Washi tape has been used in crafting and scrapbooking for years, but it makes for an amazing decorating tool for renters as well.

Decorating with washi tape can be just as unique as the person using it. With so many fun designs and sizes, washi tape makes personalizing your apartment or belongings easy.

  • Add a pop of colour or a cool design to your kitchen cupboards, interior doors, or revamp your light switch plates with washi tape. Because this tape adheres easily and removes without residue, you can feel safe adding a personal touch to your apartment fixtures.
  • Upcycle a picture frame into a white board with washi tape. All you need to do is cover the cardboard insert (or a piece of cardstock that fits in the frame) with your washi tape design, then put it in the frame behind the glass.
  • Decorating your living space can be a daunting and expensive task. But, with washi tape it's easy to create a focal point or accent wall without the stress or high price tag. Use different patterns and colours of washi tape to create beautiful designs on your wall, with half the effort.
  • Washi tape is a fun way to hang pictures. You can create frames for your photos right on the wall, without damaging the paint. Perfect for renters, this also allows you to change up the design when you're inspired or have new photos to share.
  • Create a fun racecar track with washi tape on your floor. Keep the kids occupied with fun roadways and parking lots for their toy cars. Easily remove and re-create fun designs to keep it fresh.
  • No room for a Christmas tree? Create cool minimalistic Christmas trees on your wall that you can embellish with lights or simply decorate with additional tape.