With the current pandemic, many businesses are looking for ways to continue to work from home to keep productivity high, while ensuring employee safety.

One of the main hurdles with working from home is staying focused. If you've started working from home but are having trouble with productivity, we've got a few suggestions to get you back on track.

First and foremost, ensure that you create a space in your apartment reserved only for working. Separating your work station from your home life is one of the best ways to stay focused. If you don't have a spare room in your apartment that you can use as an office, add a desk and comfortable office chair in either the bedroom or living room. 

Keep your work routine in place when you transition to working from home. As tempting as it is, you shouldn't start work in your pajamas! Have a shower, make yourself a healthy breakfast and cup of coffee, and get dressed – just like you would if you were headed into the office. Getting your mind ready for work and following a routine will help you remain focused and avoid distractions throughout the entire work day.

If you're used to working in a large office with lots of people, it can be hard to transition into working alone. Instead of playing music or turning on the TV, which can steal your focus, try Coffitivity, a website designed to provide ambient noise. The audio tracks on Coffitivity play the sounds of a busy café to distract your mind so you can concentrate on your work.

As tempting as it is, avoid doing any home related tasks during work hours. This means not answering your personal phone, doing laundry, or light housework. It's still important to take breaks, but instead of doing tasks that can distract you, choose something that will help you unwind and use an alarm as a signal to get back to work. If you have children at home, talk to them about ways they can get your attention without being disruptive.

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