When it comes to entertaining, you don't have to live in a Penthouse Suite to throw a great party! Being a good host is all about making your guests feel comfortable and having fun while you do it.

Having a big apartment doesn't necessarily make hosting guests easier. Entertaining in any size space is about using the space you do have and paying attention to the details. We're confident that our bachelor apartment tenants will love these 5 great tips for getting your cozy living space ready for guests!

  1. Acknowledge your restrictions and work within them. Tight on space? Instead of trying to plan a sit-down dinner for all your guests, opt for a cocktail evening. Be creative in using any flat surface as an appetizer station and let your guests eat, mingle, and socialize at the same time. If you were looking to host a more formal evening, simply implement a dress code, choose appropriate music and dim the lights slightly for a less casual atmosphere.

  2. A place for everything and everything in its place. Tuck away as many of your everyday items as you can and de-clutter table tops and surfaces that could be used for drinks or food. Place your items in a storage ottoman or bench, which can double as seating for your guests! Create more standing room by pushing any unnecessary furniture or items to the outer walls of the apartment.

  3. Find a spot for coats. This can be tricky in a small apartment. Clear out as much as you can from your hall closet and hang the coats in there or purchase a coat rack and put it in a corner near the entrance. For lightweight outerwear, consider using your shower rod as a backup to hang items.

  4. Turn your bed into seating. Having seating is important and with small apartments, you need to make use of everything available to you. Move your bed up against a wall and add some throw pillows to transform your bed into a lounger for a few of your guests. If you're hosting a casual get-together, try something new! Use blankets and your decorative bed and couch pillows to create a comfy oasis on the floor. 

  5. Stay out of the kitchen! Instead of getting suck in your tiny kitchen cooking while your guests mingle around you, do all of the main cooking ahead of time and heat up the food as guests arrive. For an even easier option, get catering or take out!

Other Quick Tips:

Don't have room in your fridge for a bunch of cold beverages? Put the stopper in your tub, fill with ice, a small amount of water and voila... A giant cooler!

If you have a balcony and the weather permits, use it as extra space for guests or storage for coats and shoes. 

Keep your guestlist short. If you know you can only fit a certain number of people comfortably in your home, don't create open-ended invitations. Ask your guests to RSVP so you can plan your space saving solutions accordingly!

Remember when you are hosting a party, the key ingredient is to have fun!

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