Here at Park Property Management, we are connected to our community and proudly support the following local charities year-round:

Go Green Cricket and Sports Field

This unique not-for-profit organization combines being active with being environmentally sustainable. Teaching children the value and beauty of nature while engaging them in free recreational activities. This organization also provides counseling and a safe place for children aged 7 to 18.

The Greater Toronto Apartment Association Charitable Foundation

This foundation was established in 2000 to provide grants for local organizations benefitting the homeless. Each year this foundation grants more than $110,000 to worthy organizations such as Horizons for Youth, Massey Centre for Women, Street Haven at the Crossroads, and St. Stephen's Community House Drop-in.

Scarborough Rotary

As a member of the Scarborough Rotary, we can actively support our community. The Rotary donates to a variety of community organizations in need such as Centennial College, Dekpor School Development Organization, and Kids Against Hunger. The Scarborough Rotary also supports Face for Children in need, an organization that helps and protects orphans in Egypt.

Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Association

The Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Association works towards building a stronger community by offering a variety of programs for new residents, seniors, families, children and youth, and employment services for those in need. This is a place anyone can go for free support, education, activities, and more.

Hope Air

For 30 years, Hope Air has been providing free flights to Canadians that cannot afford an airline flight to specialized medical centres needed for their healthcare. This is the only registered, national charity of its kind. All flights are completely free of charge and designed to give all Canadians access to the medical services and specialized physicians they need.


Each year Park Property Management Inc. supports these charities and enjoys being able to give back to the community.