If you have never experienced live theatre, now is your chance!

The Stratford Festival is an annual international theatre festival that runs from April to October each year.

There are four stages in total, all of which will be offering fantastic performances this year including:

An Ideal Husband: This Oscar Wilde production is about Sir Robert Chiltern, a man known as the only honest politician – That is until a secret is uncovered that could destroy his career. This comedy-drama is filled with Wilde's unique sense of humor.

The Music Man: A musical for the whole family, the Music Man is about a sketchy salesman who has come to River City to dupe the town and make some fast cash. What Harold doesn't expect is getting his heart stolen! This old-fashioned love story is funny and filled with warmth.

Paradise Lost: This modern production is about the Satan's revenge and Adam and Eve's expulsion from the Garden of Eden. This new drama will hold your attention, make you laugh, and move you right to the very end.

For the list of all 12 plays and ticket information, visit the Stratford Festival website.

Park Property Management LOVES the theatre! Here are our top 4 reasons to visit the theatre this season:

1. It's a one-of-a-kind experience

Live performances, even though scripted, are different each time they are performed. Live actors and audiences both contribute to the uniqueness of each performance.

2. It provides a great sense of community

When you attend a performance, you are gathered with people all sharing similar interests and a desire to experience something wonderful. You'll also be supporting local performers, the arts, and the local economy.

3. It will educate you

Each live performance you enjoy exposes you to new vocabulary, strengthens your empathy for others, and opens your eyes to different causes, society interests, and points of view.

4. It's captivating entertainment

Live performances can whisk you away into a wonderful world full of imagination, emotion, and excitement. The amazing actors give their best performances for you, the audience, every time.


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