At the 53 Thorncliffe Park Residential Garden, people of all ages come together as a community and reap the rewards. 

The residential garden began in 2017 and has grown substantially each year. From April through October this garden is planted, tended to, and harvested by residents and volunteers living at our Thorncliffe and Milepost apartments.

Michelle, our wonderful Lead Gardener, lives in the neighbourhood and lovingly tends to the garden. Michelle also hosts volunteer sessions three times a week, where she passes on her horticultural knowledge to those volunteering. Catch her Wednesday and Friday evenings at 6pm, and Sunday mornings from 10am to 2pm.

The residential garden is open to everyone in our Thorncliffe and Milepost apartments. Residents can join at any time and help with the tending and harvesting. Gardening tools are provided, but residents are welcome to bring their own. When our residents help sow, weed, and care for the plants in the garden, they enjoy fresh organic produce at no extra cost. 

Last year, over 400 pounds of produce was harvested and shared among the volunteers. This summer we've already harvested 370 pounds and are on track to surpass last year's harvest weight. The garden not only helps our apartment community access fresh produce, but we also partner with Summerlunch + to help provide healthy lunches for local children

Everything grown in the garden is edible, including the flowers! We try to grow something new and different each year. This year, new additions include Kohlrabi, Brussel sprouts, and yellow summer squash.

The garden is the perfect educational resource for families and adults and a wonderful hobby for seniors. While children tend to the garden, they learn where food comes from, what different plants look like, and achieve a sense of accomplishment at harvest time. Many high school children come to work in the garden to gain experience and volunteer hours for school.

At the end of October, we celebrate our success with a community harvesting party for all to attend. Pizza trucks provide delicious pizzas for all, while we harvest the remaining produce and begin our winter preparations for the garden. 

This year's harvest includes: 

VEGETABLES          HERBS                      EDIBLE FLOWERS
Amaranth Bay Leaves Cosmos
Brussel Sprouts Cilantro Nasturtium
Cabbage Chamomile Sunflowers
Chili Dill  
Cucumber Fennel  
Eggplant Garlic  
Kale Mint  
Kohlrabi Parsley  
Leek Thyme  
Swiss Chard    
Summer Squash    

Come view our suites for your opportunity to live in this welcoming community and enjoy this little piece of heaven in your own backyard. 

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