With the holidays around the corner, it is the perfect time to start the holiday cheer and deck your halls. 

If small space living has you down this season, we are here to help! We have got some simple solutions to help you fill your apartment with holiday cheer. 

Before you pick out your tree or hang your stockings, you should first pick a theme that suits your preference best. With a small space, decorating with a theme will bring your apartment together making your apartment feel bigger, even when decorated. 

Your theme could be a colour, character or style. For example, when you have a colour theme, all your decorations, including your stocking and tree skirt, should fit within that colour scheme. Additionally, your apartment can be filled with your favourite seasonal character; but whatever theme you choose, it's most important to stick to it! 

No matter the size of your apartment, finding a Christmas tree isn't as hard as you'd think. Half trees fit against a wall, corner trees sit snug in a corner, while miniature trees sit on the end of a table with just the right amount of holiday cheer. Even fresh evergreen branches or swags from your local garden centre can be a unique stand in for the classic tree. 

When your space is limited, you can easily decorate with household items instead. A holiday blanket draped over the couch with seasonal pillows in the living room, a festive tablecloth along with holiday towels in the kitchen and a seasonal sheet set can bring the holidays into every room of the apartment. 

When you can't fill your apartment with decorations and knickknacks, you should infuse it with the scent of the season. Why don't you grab your favourite holiday essential oil and combine it with water in a spray bottle for a room freshener, with baking soda for a carpet deodorizer, or wrap it in a coffee filter with baking soda for a scent packet?

Decorating for the holidays can make your apartment feel more like home. So, we recommend you to get creative and work with the space you have. If you are looking for a bigger apartment this winter, we have a variety of suites ready for your festive touch.