Not everyone enjoys doing laundry, but everyone surely loves saving money. We've got some helpful tips that will save you time and the amount to pay on your laundry day. 

As space is tight for some renters, sectional laundry hampers can be a helpful solution. This foldable sectional hamper's slim design will help you sort everything out in a neat way. Additionally, the removable laundry bags will make it easy for you to carry loads to the washer. 

While sorting out clothes prior to the laundry day can save you time, only washing clothing that really needs it will save you money. Instead of tossing clothes in the hamper after one use, consider wearing your outfits more than once and only wash them once they start to smell or get dirty. Moreover, you can refresh your clothing with a natural fabric refresher in between washes to keep your clothes looking and smelling great. 

We can also recommend saving even more money by trying a generic brand detergent since all detergents work the same way in essence. You should also use less detergent than suggested by the manufacturers. For example, top or front load washers, on average, only need 2 teaspoons of detergent. Alternatively, you can make your own laundry products and save even more money.

It's always best to wash a full load, however, separating your items by weight can help save time too. When heavy items are washed separately from light weight items, your clothing will dry faster saving you money on the dryer. You'll also see less wear and tear on the fabric.

Next, as we all know, fabric softener sheets can get very costly. When you're experiencing static clings in your laundry, try adding ½ cup of vinegar during the rinse cycle instead. This will also help soften your fabrics and make them last longer. In fact, vinegar is a cost effective natural solution to many laundry issues.

Finally, using a collapsible drying rack to air dry most of your clothing will also help save you money. You can use it for delicate items, shirts, or any other items. Since these racks offer plenty of drying space and fold up flat, they can be very helpful for renters.