It's never been a better time to buy local and support small businesses in your community. 

We take pride in our communities and strive to support as many local businesses as we can. If you are not sure how you can help, we have some helpful suggestions.


Search for Unique Items

Local shops and boutiques throughout Ontario should be the first stop on your holiday shopping list. If you're able to shop in person, local stores tend to be less crowded, which means less time spent in lines, more space to shop, and less COVID-related risks. It also means getting your hands on unique items no one else will think to buy. Many local shops have adopted online ordering, outdoor order pick up, and all the necessary safety precautions. Be sure to follow the most recent restrictions to determine whether you can shop in person or online.


Spend Now, Shop Later

When in doubt, you can purchase gift cards from your local shops and services for your loved ones to use later. Spoiling someone with a gift card for a hair salon, spa, or manicure/pedicure could be just what they need. You can certainly support your local salon by purchasing a gift voucher for a service that your loved one will appreciate. 


Gift a Meal

The holidays are busy enough without having to make a meal every night. We suggest treating your loved ones with a prepared meal from one of their favourite restaurants. Not sure what they'd like? Most local restaurants will offer gift cards or vouchers for gifting. Alternatively, you can buy groceries for your loved ones and include a recipe for a favourite dish to help with their holiday meal. 


Support Without Spending

You can still support local businesses even if your family opted not to exchange gifts this season. Most local businesses have a social media account and would benefit from more exposure. You can simply like their page, recommend to a friend, or write a good review for a local business. 


Let's spread kindness to our entire community by supporting our local businesses dealing with the new operating restrictions this season.