Apartment living in the Winter time can give you Cabin Fever.

We want our residents to have lots of options for seasonal activities, no matter what Ontario city you live in! Skating is a great winter activity and Park Property Management Inc. is your source for skating tips, locations, and schedules for this season.


Are you learning to skate? Here are some simple tips to help:

  1. Start with good quality skates. Make sure they are a snug but comfortable fit. Check out these tips for purchasing the right fit.

  2. Dress warmly for outdoor skating. Layers are best because you can remove some if you get warm.

  3. Skates should be tied tightly through the ankle and snug the rest of the way. Leave just enough room around to fit a finger in, at the back of your skates, after they are tied.

  4. Ease onto the ice, and get used to the feel before letting go of the side. If outdoors, try taking a dining chair out with you, just for support.

  5. Keep your weight forward, with your knees slightly bent. If you are having trouble balancing, outstretching your arms to the sides.

  6. Don't look down! It's a natural reaction to watch your feet, however when skating you should look ahead and focus more on where you are going.

  7. Learn how to stop. Point your toes inwards and your heels out. Lean on your heels to slow yourself down.

  8. Relax and have fun! When you are relaxed, your body moves easier. Remember, it's natural to fall when learning to skate, and being tense will only make it harder on your body.


Looking for an arena to practice your skills or skate with friends near your apartment? Here's our list of skating rinks, schedules, and skate sharpening locations:

Indoor Rinks:                          Outdoor Rinks:                              Skating Schedules:

Burlington                                         Burlington                                               Burlington

Cambridge                                        Cambridge                                              Cambridge

Etobicoke                                          Etobicoke                                                  Etobicoke

Guelph                                                 Guelph                                                        Guelph

Kitchener                                           Kitchener                                                 Kitchener

Mississauga                                     Mississauga                                            Mississauga

Oakville                                              Oakville                                                      Oakville

Scarborough/Toronto            Scarborough/Toronto                   Scarborough/Toronto

Stratford                                            Stratford                                                    Stratford

Tillsonburg                                       TIllsonburg- NA                                       Tillsonburg

Waterloo                                           Waterloo                                                   Waterloo


Skate Sharpening near Park Property Apartments: Burlington, Cambridge, Etobicoke, Guelph, Kitchener, Mississauga, Oakville, Scarborough, Toronto, Stratford, Tillsonburg, Waterloo

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