Do you love apartment life, but are stuck on how to live clutter-free in limited space?


Park Property Management has some great storage ideas that will help you use your available space more efficiently.


Here are some of our favourite space saving ideas:



  • Plastic bins will help organize under the counter cleaning supplies.
  • A tension rod placed under the sink will allow you to hang spray bottles to save shelf space.
  • Hang a wine rack on the wall and store rolled towels in each slot. Storage can be efficient and decorative!



  • Turn a small bookshelf on its side to create a storage bench. Purchase tote bags to insert in each shelf space for excess clothing accessories or out of season shoes.
  • A trunk can work as a side table and a storage space for out-of-season clothing.



  • Magazine organizers keep plastic wrap & aluminum foil boxes contained. Affix to the inside of the cupboard door to save space.
  • Hang small laundry bags in your pantry to store potatoes and onions.



  • Fold sheet sets and insert into the matching pillowcase for simple and neat linen storage.
  • Hang a shoe organizer on the back of the door to hold cleaning supplies, garbage bag rolls, rags, etc.


Living Room

  • Repurpose old kitchen cabinets to make a bench seat. You can secure a seat cushion or two on the top and use the cupboards as hidden storage.


Is de-cluttering just not cutting it? It might be time for a change in living space!

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