Dinner parties are a great way to gather friends and family for the holidays. 

Park Property Management has some great tips and suggestions to make hosting a dinner party in your apartment stress free!

Plan Early

Smooth holiday parties start with lots of pre-planning! Plan out your menu a couple of ahead of time and make sure to consider any food sensitivities. Purchase the items you need and make a list of what you can make in advance, what needs to be made day of, and what will take the longest to cook.

The days before your party can be spent prepping ingredients, cooking items you will reheat on the day, and purchasing beverages to serve. Your balcony or patio is a great place to store your drinks. Just fill a large cooler with ice and add the drinks! If you can't place the cooler on your balcony or patio, find a spot inside that won't disrupt the party flow.

Re-Arrange and Declutter

Put away any unnecessary furniture and either extend your dining table or if you need more seating, skip the dining room, and set up folding tables in the living room! Keep your festive decorating simple by using hanging decorations on the walls, windows, and doors. Add in some festive music or serve festive drinks and appetizers.

People tend to congregate around food, so serve appetizers in a few different spots throughout your apartment. A cleared shelf on a bookcase, the TV stand, or even an ironing board covered with a tablecloth are great options for appetizers.

To keep the apartment from overheating, leave a window open just a crack in the rooms your guests will be in most.

Keep it simple

Don't miss the fun by spending too much time in the kitchen! Wash the dishes prior to the party and use a large storage tote for all your dirty dinner dishes. Simply rinse the dishes, stack carefully, and then move the tote out of the way. Your sink will be free and ready for washing when you are!

Don't sweat the small stuff and take the time to enjoy having all your family and friends together!