Summer is coming in hot. 

Beat the heat by using these tips to prep your apartment to stay cool this summer. 

Keep cool by preventing your apartment from heating up in the first place! It may be tempting to open your windows to let the fresh air in, but what you'll really be doing is letting the hot air in. Instead, close your windows and blinds throughout the day and open them at night. If you find your blinds aren't keeping the heat out, try attaching tinfoil, shiny side out, to the backs of your curtains to reflect the sun's rays.

When the weather starts getting humid, all that extra moisture in the air can make us feel uncomfortable. Remove excess moisture in your apartment by using a dehumidifier. With less moisture, the air will feel cooler. At night, use cold water to your advantage by dipping the bottoms of your cotton curtains in a bucket of water. Open your windows and let the breeze pass through the damp curtains, further cooling the air.

It's no secret that our appliances, gadgets, and lightbulbs throw off heat when in use. Any heat added to your apartment on a hot day can make it unbearable! Reduce the amount of heat you generate by using your appliances sparingly during the day. Don't forget to use the exhaust fan in the kitchen to suck out any hot air you create while cooking!

Moving air around helps us stay cool. If you want to keep your apartment cool, look for a dual fan that has blades that pull cold air in and push hot air out. Reverse your ceiling fans so they spin counterclockwise to help cool the room. Freezing plastic cups half full of water and placing them on a towel in front of a fan at night will spread the cold air from the cups through your apartment.

Our residents can cool off in our indoor and outdoor pools. If an apartment near a pool appeals to you, contact us today to view our suites!