If you're interested in losing weight, gaining more energy, or just maintaining your fitness level, a walking group can help.

But, walking groups are about more than just fitness. They provide you with the opportunity to build a new community and share interests with others in your city.

Still not sure a walking group is for you? Check out these great reasons to join!

Walking is great for your body and can have a significant impact on your health. It's a low-impact exercise that people of all ages can enjoy. Generally, walking group walks last for a minimum of 30 minutes, which equals about 125 calories burned. The longer the walk, the more calories you can burn. Regular walking can also help reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and increase bone density.

A walking group can make sticking to your fitness goal easier. Because walking groups are made up of people with similar goals, it's natural that each member works together to keep everyone motivated. Walking groups even help boost your mood. Group exercise has been known to increase endorphin release, making your exercise a happier experience. This will also reduce your risk for depression and help you sleep better.

Joining a walking group is like building a social network that promotes conversation and forges friendships. Having a conversation with someone at the gym is difficult, but when you're out on a walk with a group of friends, the conversation flows easily.

You can start a walking group at your church, with a group of friends, or even with other people who live at your apartment. Put up flyers around your apartment community inviting people to join. Once a group has formed, you can meet in your lobby to start the walk. This convenient meeting place will help to ensure more members of the group make it out each time you go. 

When you move to a new city, joining a walking group is a great way to meet people and discover your new home. Find a group that interests you, like a dog walking group, so you can take your pet along. For new moms, many cities have organized walking groups that allow mom and baby to get out for some exercise and fresh air. 

If you're looking for a walking group to join, websites like Meetup are a great place to start.