Finding the right apartment takes time.

We want our residents to feel confident in their choice of apartment. Before you sign a new lease, consider these important factors. 



The major components of a budget are rent, utilities, insurance, food, and transportation. Most apartments require tenants to pay for heat and hydro, with monthly costs varying based on apartment size and location. Keep in mind that first time renters may need to pay a deposit when setting up utility services.

Stick to your budget while searching for an apartment and remember the larger the apartment, the more you'll pay in utilities. 



Where you live is just as important as the type of apartment you pick. Imagine living in the building and consider all the trips you'll take for daily amenities, work, and entertainment. A quiet neighbourhood is appealing, but not if you're spending most of your time commuting. Finding a place with good walkability and transit will save you time and money. 

Driving by the building on different days of the week, at alternate times, will give you a sense of what the neighbourhood is like. 



Does in-suite laundry, a fitness facility, and access to a pool sound good? These perks can increase your quality of life, but also your rent. They can also help you cut down on membership and laundromat costs if these are already factored into your monthly budget, helping to reduce overall monthly spending.

Don't misjudge a quality apartment for a perk. When searching for an apartment choose one that looks well maintained, clean, and free of safety hazards. 


The Lease

Before signing any lease always read it thoroughly. Familiarize yourself with the conditions, rules, and penalties. Your lease will outline the terms, the pet policy, roommate policy, and other important information. If you're confused about anything on your lease, ask your landlord to clarify it for you.  

Don't be afraid to ask plenty of questions when shopping for an apartment to ensure you find the right apartment for your budget and your needs. 


When you're ready to find a new apartment, we have a variety of suites to meet your needs.