A survey conducted in 2019 revealed that 57% of Canadian households have pets. Despite this fact, many pet owners have difficulty finding rental properties. Hence, pet owners must conduct so extra research before choosing an apartment to move to.

At Park Property, we understand that to many, a pet is a part of your family. That’s why all our apartments are pet-friendly!

Here are some moving-in tips to ensure a smooth transfer for you, your pet, and the people around you.

Pet-proof your apartment

Keeping a clean environment in the apartment is essential for pet owners, especially if you are living in a rented apartment. We all have experienced how things with pets can go out of hand if appropriate measures are not taken. Hence, pet-proofing is a top priority. We have listed some points below to pet-proof your apartment:
- Keep electrical wires out of reach of your pets
- Medicines, chemicals, and laundry supplies should be placed on high shelves
- Cover or move poisonous plants and sharp objects
- Keep food out of reach of your pets
- Cover your trash cans or keep them in a cabinet

Get your pet acquainted with their new home.

Relocation is a major cause of stress for our pets. Once you move in, they may start feeling anxious and sad. To avoid this from happening, pet owners need to get their pets accustomed to the new apartment by doing the following things:

- Do not change your pet's feeding and walk routine to give them some sanity in the new space.
- Increase their exercise routine during the initial days of the move. This will get them tired and calm & also get them acquainted with the new building, hallways, and corridors.
- Stay home with your pet for a few days if possible.
- If your pets use something to sleep, such as a pet bed, set up a pet area immediately. This area acts as a comfort zone for your pets.

Follow pet etiquettes while living in an apartment

Whether living in an apartment or anywhere else, you must always follow pet etiquette. This help to keep a positive relationship with your neighbours & others in the apartment as everybody uses common spaces. Pet etiquettes are relatively simple like 
- cleaning up after your pet, 
- Always be aware of your pet’s behaviour, 
- keep them leashed, 
- train them not to bark unnecessarily, 
- don't let them jump on a passer-by
Park Property buildings are open to pets!
Park Property has more than 11,200 apartments and rental residences in 93 buildings across the GTA and Southern Ontario. So, if you are looking for an inclusive society where your pets are treated well, contact the Park Property team today!