Take in the beauty of fall and relax in nature - Ontario is home to some gorgeous hiking trails. Enjoy the crisp weather before it turns cold and the days get even shorter. Here are seven top trails you need to check out in Ontario this season. 

Lions Valley Park

You’ll be sure to get some exercise in at this beautiful park located in Oakville. The park features hilly trails and beautiful scenic views looking out onto water and the leaves changing colour. It’s perfect for a reset after a stressful day at work. You can opt for a long walk or bike ride, solo or with your family. This park could be in your backyard - it’s located only two minutes away from our Oakville 1230 Whiteoaks Boulevard property, and just seven minutes from our 350 Lynnwood Drive property. 


Westminster Ponds/ Pond Mills Conservation Area

This beautiful area features a boardwalk path out to the water. The trees line the trail path, perfect for admiring the leaves changing colour. It’s a great place to visit with your family and enjoy nature with your kids. It’s home to many species of birds and ponds, and has 10 kilometers of trail for you to enjoy. This beautiful conservation area could be close to your future home. It’s located less than 15 minutes away from our London property Cherryhill Village. This property features bachelor, and one and two bedroom apartments starting from just $1,290.


Granite Ridge Trail 

Located inside of Killarney Provincial Park in Killarney, Ontario, this trail is a must visit this fall. Just a four and a half hour drive outside of Toronto, it’s a great place to venture for a weekend trip. The trail provides a few beautiful lookout points from a higher vantage point where you can fully appreciate the leaves changing colour. It’s a perfect trail to hike with your whole family. Make it an overnight adventure- you can camp out for the weekend in the park and relax in nature. 


Centennial Ridges Trail 

Filled with scenic views, Centennial Ridges Trail is a must check out this fall in Algonquin Provincial Park. This trail has a number of high ridges and scenic lookouts that look over trees and water. Come prepared - it’s not for the faint of heart. The trail is a 10.4 km loop, perfect for a day of exercise and stunning views. It’s a challenging trail, so make sure you bring lots of water and snacks to keep you satisfied, so you can fully enjoy everything this park has to offer. It’s located in Whitney, just a three and a half hour drive outside Toronto. 


Awenda Provincial Park

Awenda Provincial Park is a must visit this fall with your family. It’s a perfect get away for the weekend, with beautiful and secluded campsites, and an easy walking trail that leads right to the beach - Awenda Beach Trail. The beach is covered in rocks, so make sure you bring appropriate walking shoes. Wendat trail is also a must checkout in the park. It’s a quick hike, perfect for you and your family to enjoy nature together. The trail looks out onto beautiful views of the water. 


Dundas Peak 

Dundas Peak is gorgeous in fall with all the leaves changing colour. Nature trails lead to a stunning overlook with a scenic view of towns and waterfalls. Located in Hamilton, it’s perfect for a quick drive away from the city. The 2.9 km trail is also short enough to tackle in one afternoon and bring the kids along for the hike. 


Waterdown Trail to Smokey Hollow 

This tranquil trail near Burlington comes out on a beautiful waterfall. It has plenty of twists and turns, showcasing huge trees, mossy rocks and fungus. Embrace the outdoors here, this trail is moderate to challenging, and takes about three and a half hours to complete. Make sure to bring snacks and water to stay hydrated on this picturesque hike. This trail could be close to your home. We offer quality high rise apartments in Burlington with one, two or three bedroom options starting at $1775.00. 


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