Just because you live in an apartment doesn't mean you can't decorate your child's bedroom.

There are plenty of ways to add fun into your child's room, especially when you live in an apartment. We suggest these bright ideas to create a fun-tastic bedroom for your child.


Add colour

Colour and kids go hand and hand. Use colour to match their personalities to their rooms. When your walls remain neutral, you can dress them up with colourful patterned curtains, fun art, and posters. Add colour with your furniture by choosing a bed or dresser in a bright colour. Plush rugs are a great addition to any room as they offer comfort and reduce noise for your lower neighbours.


Add storage

Finding a place for your child's most loved possessions can be tricky in an apartment. Adding functional furniture to the room can keep it clean, organized, and welcoming. Beds with drawers beneath them can hold toys, clothes, shoes, or blankets. Bookcases aren't just for books, they can hold bins of small toys, books, or display Lego creations. IKEA has a wide range of storage solutions for kids rooms that you can mix and match to create what you need for the space. Remember to anchor tall shelving to the wall to keep kids safe.


Add fun

All kids' rooms need a little fun. Forts allow kids a little privacy to read, draw, or be creative. Leave a corner in your child's bedroom for a fort or a reading nook. You can find pop up tents at most department stores, and all you need for a reading nook is a few plush pillows and a couple of cozy blankets. String lights are a fun alternative to nightlights. Attach the lights along the wall with colourful Washi tape or Command clear hooks to keep your walls free of damage.  



It's important that your child's room feels like their own. When decorating, ask your child what they want to see in their room, and try to incorporate it. Art made by your child can infuse much needed colour and originality into the room, while also helping to boost their self-esteem. Let your kids paint something they like on a canvas, then hang it in their room.


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